Festival International du Fllm de Rotterdam 2008 (Iffr)
37ème édition


37th Rotterdam edition presents Free Radicals

The 37th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (23 January to 3 February 2008) is being realised under the leadership of director Rutger Wolfson after the departure of Sandra den Hamer. He is focusing on Free Radicals: film makers and artists who idiosyncratically and energetically follow their own course. In this context, film maker Robert Breer and artist Cameron Jamie are being honoured with Focus programmes. In addition, the festival is paying special attention to one-off film screenings.


15 works of talent and originality
IFFR announces competition

IFFR-director Rutger Wolfson: « We are proud to present this very strong group of talents in the Tiger Competition, our platform that has launched so many of their colleagues into the international film world over the last thirteen years. Making this selection, we have been moved by the many different stories told in very different ways, taking us to the hearts and minds of characters from all over the world, from Kazakhstan, USA, Denmark, Ukraine, China, Greece and Chile, amongst others.

Lamb of God opens festival
The festival will open January 23 with the world premiere of Lamb of God (Cordero de Dios), the 1st feature by Lucía Cedrón. It’s a gripping family drama about the kidnap of a 77-year old during Argentina’s economic crisis in 2002. The film is also selected for the Tiger Competition and has been supported by the festival’s Hubert Bals Fund

Wolfson kicks off IFFR 2008
For 37 years, the festival has followed filmmakers who energetically and waywardly follow their own course. This year, one focus of the festival is on a specific artistic and aesthetic view within this tradition. To label it, we have borrowed a term from chemistry: Free Radicals.

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