Real Life Documentary Festival 2009
4ème édition


The 4th annual Real-Life Documentary Film Festival (May 18th to 25th /Screening May 21st to 25th)


The 4th annual Real-Life Documentary Film Festival (May 18th to 25th /Screening May 21st to 25th) is one of a few festivals that provide a forum for documentary films and filmmakers who focus on African and African-diasporic themes. The objective is to stimulate Africans to document their own histories while exchanging film vocabularies, methods and contexts with filmmakers from Africa and other continents.

The Real Life Documentary Festival, 4th edition

– Leslie Fields-Cruz (USA), Programming Director of NBPC
– Fara Awindor (Ghana), Filmmaker and Manager at NAFTI
– George Arcton Tettey (Ghana), Manager at TV3

The Walter Mosley Award 2009
The Walter Mosley Award honors the best documentary film from the competitive selection that shares new lights on contemporary theme on Africa and African Diaspora.
Thanks to the donation of the recognized American writer Walter Mosley the filmmaker will receive ,000.

The winners are:
Jihan El Tahri (Egypt)
Zola Maseko (South Africa)

The AfroPoP Prize 2009
The AfroPop Prize. The National Black Programming Consortium sponsors the AfroPop award for REAL LIFE Documentary Film Festival. « AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange » is a US based public television show featuring independent documentaries and short films about life art and culture from the contemporary African Diaspora. Hosted by Idris Elba, « AfroPop » is the only series on US Public Television that focuses solely on stories about the African Diaspora. The winner of the AfroPop award will be offered a 3 years contract worth up to 00.

The winner for the AfroPop prize, 4th of the Real Life Documentary Festival:
Nora Chipaumire, (Zimbabwe) the choregrapher and
Alla Kovgan & David Hinton (Russia / US) the directors

With the documentary
(30 min, 2008, US/UK/Mozambique)

Lydie Diakhaté
Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Real Life Documentary Festival in Ghana
Producer / K’a yelema Productions
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