Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2012
Yellow Fever
Pays concerné : Royaume-Uni
Support : Vidéo Numérique
Durée : 6 minutes
Genre : expérimental
Type : animation


Je m’intéresse au concept de peau et de race ainsi que ce qu’ils impliquent. […] L’idée de beauté est devenue globalisée, créant des aspirations homogènes, en entraînant une distorsion de l’image que les gens ont d’eux-mêmes, à travers la planète.

Réalisatrice : Ng’endo Mukii

Film d’animation, 2012

Film de fin d’études au Royal College of Art (Londres, Royaume-Uni) en 2012.

Durée totale : 6mins 47Secs.


I am interested in the concept of skin and race, and what they imply; in the ideas and theories sown into our flesh that change with the arc of time. I believe skin and the body, are often distorted into a topographical division between reality and illusion. The idea of beauty has become globalised, creating homogenous aspirations, and distorting people’s self-image across the planet.

​​In my film, I focus on African women’s self-image, through memories and interviews; using mixed media to describe this almost schizophrenic self-visualization that I and many others have grown up with.

This is my thesis film made at the Royal College of Art 2012.
Total running time: 6mins 47Secs.

Directed by Ng’endo Mukii


Written and Directed by Ng’endo Mukii
Music composed and performed by Kadialy Kouyaté
Sound- Ng’endo Mukii
Narration- Ng’endo Mukii

Margaret Njeri Mereka
Abriana Njeri

Chipo Kureya
Sam Nokuzola Moyo
Fumy Opeyemi

Director of Pixilation Photography-Alex MacNaughton
Stop Motion photography- Alex MacNaughton
Editor- Ng’endo Mukii

On Set Assistants- Mirjam Baker
Soledad Aguilla
Runner- Christine Ndirangu

Lip Sync- Christine Hooper
Josh Wedlake
Rotoscope- Yu Yu
Poster Backgrounds- Lily Fang

Media: Hand-drawn animation, computer animation, pixilation, live action.

Medium: Traditional and computer-based animation, live action, pixilation, rotoscope.

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