Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF 2013)
3ème édition


African International Film Festival (Lagos) Nigeria, aura lieu pour la 3ème fois en Novembre. L’appel a films est ouvert jusqu’au 31 juillet 2013.



The African International Film Festival, (Lagos) Nigeria will beheld for the third time in November. The call for entries will close at the end of July.

AFRIFF 2013 Final Selection

Feature Films Competition

1 Inumber Number South Africa
2 Felix South Africa
3 Durban Poison South Africa
4 La Pirogue Senegal
5 B for Boy Nigeria
6 Lies Men Tell Nigeria
7 Have a Nice Day Nigeria
8 Clouds over Conakry (Il va pleuvoir sur Conakry) Guinea/France
9 The Flower Girl Nigeria
10 One Man Show Nigeria/france
11 The Meeting Nigeria
12 Confusion Nawa Nigeria
13 Layla Fourie South Africa
14 Tey (Today) Senegal
15 Of Good Report South Africa
16 Brother’s Keeper Nigeria
17 Tall as a Baobab (Grand comme le Baobab) Senegal/USA
18 Under Starry Eyes (Des étoiles), Senegal
19 Mother of George Nigeria
20 The Great Kilapy Angola
21 Finding Mercy Nigeria
22 Virgin Margarida Mozambique

Out of Competition
1 Clouds over Conakry (Il va pleuvoir sur Conakry) Guinea/France

Documentaries Competition
1 Camarada Presidente Zimbabwe/Mozambique
2 Africa Shafted South Africa
3 Devil’s Liar South Africa
4 Daughters of the Niger Delta Nigeria
5 The Virgin, the Copts and Me Tunisia/France
6 The Man Who Wanted to Move Mountains (L’homme qui voulait déplacer la montagne), Burkina Faso
7 AfriqueCannes UK
8 President Dia Senegal
9 Joy Its Nina UK/Nigeria
10 Drama Consult Germany/Nigeria
11 The Hillside Crowd Burkina Faso
12 The Lost Tribe Nigeria
13 A Thousand Suns (Mille Soleils), Senegal
14 Pamoko Canada/Tanzania
15 A Life with a Temporary Suspension of Deportation Germany
16 Creation in exile Italy

Shorts Competition
1 Love Prevails Uk
2 Love at First Sight Uk
3 Mas’q Uk
4 Haunted Souls Kenya
5 Ogondah Nigeria
6 Unspoken Uk
7 The Wages Nigeria
8 Beleh Nigeria
9 Yellow Fever Kenya
10 The Promise US/Nigeria
11 Kwaku Ananse Ghana
12 Security South Africa
13 Twaaga Burkina Faso
14 Adamt Ethiopia
15 Dark Days of Kwanele Nigeria
16 A Year After Cameroun
17 Five USA
18 Down and Out Nigeria
19 Kuhani USA
20 Murtala Walks Nigeria
21 Crazy Love Nigeria
22 Free State Zimbabwe
23 La Radio, Ivory Coast

Out of Competition
One year After, Romania

Student Shorts Competition
1 Sodiq Nigeria/UK
2 Inflitration Nigeria
3 Retributiion Nigeria
4 Protect Us Nigeria
5 One Night Nigeria
6 Mission Possible Nigeria
7 Patriot Nigeria
8 Talking Drum Nigeria

2013 Jury

* Mahen Bonetti
* Shaibu Husseini
* Balufu Bakupa-Kanyinda
* Kunle Afolayan
* Wale Ojo
* Femi Kayode
* Hans-Christian Mahnke
* Berni Goldblat


Best Nigerian Feature
& President Goodluck Jonathan Award for Most Authentic Nigerian Feature – « THE MEETING » by Mildred Okwo

Best Feature Film – « Of Good Report » by Jahmil XT Qubeka

Jury Special Prize for outstanding film – « Virgin Margarida » by Licinio Azevedo

Best Film Screenplay – « Inumber Number » – Donovan Marsh

Best Student Film – « Sodiq » by Adeyemi Michael

Best Short Film – « Adamt » by Zelalem Worldmariam (Ethiopia). UBA endowed

Best Director – Roberta Durrant for « Felix »

Best Actor – Desmond Elliot (« Lies Men Tell »)

Best Actress – Uche Jombo (« Lies Men Tell »)

Programmer and Jury Coordinator
: Keith Shiri
Technical Director: Andy Amenechi
AFRIFF’s Executive Director: Chioma Ude


The African International Film Festival, (Lagos) Nigeria will beheld for the third time in November and the call for entries will close at the end of July.
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