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Younès Megri

Chanteur/euse, Musicien/ne, Auteur-compositeur/trice, Acteur/trice


Parfois crédité sous le nom de
Younès Migri

Younes Megri est né le 15 Novembre 1951, à Oujda (Maroc).


Younes Megri was born in Oujda, Morocco, on November 15, 1951. He studied music at the Moroccan national conservatory of music in Rabat, as well as at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Malesherbe in Paris. At the start of his career, he performed with his brothers and sister in a group, Les Frères Megri, that reflected in Morocco the change in international music during the late Sixties. In the beginning of the Seventies, he composed a song, « Leli Touil », that made him famous in the Arab world and in Europe and was also song by the group Boney M and the French singer Maria De Rossi. He received a Golden Record for this song, and performed at the Olympia in 1985 during his solo career. During the nineties he also began to compose film music for Moroccan and international films, most notably Gabriel Axel’s « Leila la pure » and « 8MM » for which he worked with Michael Dana as a consultant. The Moroccan casting director Ahmed Boulane began to promote him as an actor during the Nineties for Moroccan and international films, and Boulane’s first feature film, « Ali, Rabia et les autres » (2000), shot him to the forefront as a leading man in Moroccan films.

Short Filmography

Amours Voilées (2008)
Les Anges de Satan (2007)
Argana (2007)
Tabite or not Tabite (2006)
Le Jeu de L’Amour (2006)
La Symphonie Marocaine (2005)
Ali, Rabiaa et les Autres (2000)
Face à Face (2003)
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