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Eran Kolirin



Né en 1973, Eran Kolirin fait ses débuts au cinéma avec le scénario de » « Zur-Hadassim » pour lequel il reçoit le prix Lipper du meilleur scénario au Festival international de Jérusalem en 1999. En 2004, Eran Kolirin écrit et réalise un téléfilm, « The Long Journey ».


A director and scriptwriter, an autodidactic film-maker. His artwork is characterized by minor tones and light comical nuances. His first venture within the Israeli film industry was writing the script for the film « Tzur Hadassim », which won him the Best Israeli Screenplay Award at the 1999 Jerusalem Film Festival. One year later he wrote and directed the film « The Long Journey », which was crowned the winner of the Eilat Festival. In 2007 his widely acclaimed film « The Band’s Visit » was relased, which won 8 Ophir prizes along with many awards from international festivals, such as Cannes, Tokyo, Munich, Jerusalem, the European Film Awards, and much more. In the field of television he participated in writing the script for the series « Shabatot Vehagim », as well as the scriptwriting for the series « Five Men and a Wedding » on Channel 10, and the direction of some of its episodes.
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