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Joslyn Barnes

Producteur/trice, Scénariste, Producteur/trice délégué/e, Producteur/trice associée


Joslyn Barnes est une scénariste et productrice américaine avec une expérience dans plusieurs domaines.

Depuis qu’ils ont co-fondé Louverture Films, Danny Glover et Joslyn Barnes ont été producteurs délégués (executive producers, en anglais) du long métrage multiprimé Bamako, du documentaire musical Africa Unite, et aussi also Le Sel de la mer ainsi que Soundtrack For A Revolution, en autres.


Joslyn Barnes is a writer and producer with experience in several fields. She is the author or co-author of twelve commissioned screenplays for feature films including the upcoming epic Toussaint, and the award-winning film Bàttu, directed by Cheikh Oumar Sissoko (Mali), which she associate produced with British Screen and EMET Films.

Barnes has also served as an expert consultant and programme officer at the United Nations. She has lived and traveled widely in Africa and Asia, and has written numerous articles covering trade and social development issues, as well as contributing to books on the establishment of electronic communications in developing countries, food security and production in Africa, and strategic advocacy for the inclusion of gender perspectives on the international development agenda.

Since co-founding Louverture Films, Glover and Barnes have executive produced the award-winning feature Bamako, the music documentary Africa Unite, and also Salt of The Sea and Soundtrack For A Revolution.
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