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Dady de Maximo Mwicira Mitali

Réalisateur/trice, Poète, Styliste / Créateur de mode


Dady de Maximo MWICIRA MITALI est un artiste rwandais, cinéaste, poète, créateur de mode. Il est né en 1982.


Dady de Maximo MWICIRA MITALI (born in 1982) is a survivor of the Tutsi Genocide of 1994, where his father, his younger brother and several members of his family were killed. Dady hid himself in the forest for 32 days and was subsequently saved by soldiers of Front Patriotique Rwandais, the current Defense Force in Rwanda. Dady joined the RDF in 1994, and was a child soldier until 1996.

Daddy is now a fashion designer and model, he is on record as the first Rwandan male to venture into fashion show business. He founded the fashion design agency called DadMax in 1999. Dady has attended several successful international fashion shows such as the Afrique Festival Collection in Cameroon, which brought together 75 fashion designers and 85 models.

On 25 May 2011, during African Day ceremony, Dady de Maximo received the Young African Achiever Award presented by the African Group in the Netherlands. They value the way his work represents Rwanda and his contribution to promoting an image of Rwanda that shows there is more to the country’s culture than the horrible genocide in 1994. The Prince Claus Fund has been involved with Dady’s work and has supported two projects of initiated by Dady:
* By the shortcut (2008), a documentary that tells the inside story of the Rwandan genocide.
* Rwanda fashion festival (2011). Dady, who is a fashion designer, organised the Rwanda Fashion Festival 2nd Edition that took place in Rwanda, Kigali 28th March- 02nd April 2011.

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