Arab Film Festival Australia 2015
12ème édition.


ABOUT AFF (Arab Film Festival)
The Arab Film Festival has been around since 2001, and is now visits Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra.

We aim to showcase stories from diverse Arabic speaking cultures to all Australian audiences that reflect the complexity and diversity of Arab experiences. We aim to address the (mis)representations of Arab culture through film by providing critical spaces and giving exposure to alternative representations of Arab culture, Arab commentary and self-representation.

The 12th annual Arab Film Festival Australia returns in 2015 boasting a melting pot of films from around the Arab world. The Festival will open in Sydney on Thursday 13 -16 August, Melbourne on Friday 21 – 23 August, and Canberra on Friday 28 – 30 August and will present six feature films and four short films.

From a small Lebanese coastal village, to the racetracks of Palestine, to the iconic backdrop of the Arabian dessert, the Festival gives audiences the best of contemporary Arab films. Whilst conflict and instability continue to be the dominant representation of the Arab world, the filmmakers are uncovering rich and rare stories and capturing them in unique ways.

« Arab filmmakers are reflecting exciting and sometimes volatile times, and through cinema they are making powerful statements, challenging stereotypes, and creating conversations about the future they dream for » says Festival Co-Director, Mouna Zaylah. « We’re proud to showcase the diversity of the region with films from Jordan, Iraq, UAE, Palestine, Egypt and Lebanon.


In a small Lebanese coastal village, growing fear from the neighbours towards Ghadi, a young special needs boy, forces his father…
Lebanon, 100 mins, 2014
Directed by Amin Dora

From A to B
Three estranged childhood friends (Omar, Ramy, Jay), travel on a road trip from Abu Dhabi to Beirut in memory of their lost fri…
UAE, 108 mins, 2014
Directed by Ali Mostafa

Speed Sisters
The Speed Sisters are the first all-women race car driving team in the Middle East. They’re bold. They’re fearless. And they’re…
Palestine, 80 mins, 2015
Directed by Amber Fares

Cairo Time
Six characters in modern day Cairo… A retired actress looking for redemption from her past… a couple attempting to make lo…
Egypt, 110 mins, 2014
Directed by Amir Ramses

In the Sands of Babylon
A docu-drama following Ibrahim, an Iraqi soldier, as he makes his way home at the end of the Gulf War. His dreams of being reun…
Iraq, 92 mins, 2013
Directed by Mohamed Al-Daradji

Arabian Desert. 1916. Theeb (Wolf in Arabic), a young Bedouin boy, ventures on a treacherous journey across the desert only to …
Jordan, 100 mins, 2014
Directed by Naji Abu Nowar

In Beirut today, « there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts… » L. Tolstoy
Lebanon, 12 mins, 2014
Directed by Julien Tavitian

The film captures a pivotal moment when a girl becomes a woman on the highway leading to Najaf, Iraq.
Iraq, 15 mins, 2013
Directed by Luay Fadhil

130km to Heaven
A young man and his best friend step out of their hometown for the first time as they aspire for a new life.
Egypt, 13 mins, 2015
Directed by Khaled Khella

Hassan in Wonderland
A group of kids are playing with toy weapons in bomb-shattered Baghdad, reproducing the terrible reality around them. Everyone …
Iraq, 8 mins 30 sec, 2014
Directed by Ali Kareem Obaid

Man In The Mirror
Sixteen-year old Arabic-speaking Iranian asylum seeker, Abbas, was first told in a Darwin detention centre that he looked like …
Australia, 7 mins, 2015
Directed by Ali Mousawi


FESTIVAL CO-DIRECTORS – Mouna Zaylah & Fadia Abboud

Paula Abood, Alissar Gazal, Mehal Krayem, Firas Naji and Joanne Saad

Meiying Saw

Jerome Pearce – Just Pixels

Cardinal Spin

Julia Mendel
Morgan Graham

Kayur Shrestha
Morgan Graham

Jerome Pearce
Julian Lankshear

Dr Paula Abood
Alissar Gazal
Mehal Krayem
Firas Naji
Joanne Saad

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