Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2016
Ayiti mon amour
Pays concerné : Haïti
Durée : 82 minutes
Type : fiction


AYITI MON AMOUR est un conte néoréaliste magique sur les espoirs et peurs du peuple haïtien, à un moment critique de leur histoire.
Pourquoi devrions-nous seulement évoquer la tristesse et la misère quand elles se passent dans lieux comme Haiti ?

Un film de Guetty Felin-Cohen

Haiti / USA, 2016, Fiction, 82 minutes, PG, Couleur, Créole haitien / Français / anglais / Japonais

avec Joakim Cohen, Anisia Uzeyman, Jaures Andris, Pascale Faublas, James Noel, Simbi Duplan

Réalisatrice : Guetty Felin

Écrit par Guetty Felin

Images : Herve Cohen

Productrice Déléguée : Mira Nair

Producteurs : Guetty Felin, Jessica Anthony, Herve Cohen

Produit par Bellemoon Productions


Haiti 5 years after the quake On the outskirts of a coastal city, teenage Orphée, grieving the loss of his dad who perished during the earthquake goes swimming in the sea and emerges with his body holding an electrical current, of course with great power comes responsibility…
Meanwhile Jaurès, an old fisherman who talks to his cow, struggles to look after his beloved ailing wife, Odessa.
Somewhere in town a muse loses patience with her writer and decides to leave him to go live her own life. AYITI MON AMOUR is a magic neorealist tale capturing the hopes and fears of the Haitian people at a critical moment in their history.

A film by Guetty Felin-Cohen

Haiti / USA, 2016, Fiction, 82 minutes, PG, Colour, Haitian / Creole / French / English / Japanese

Executive Producer: Mira Nair
Producer: Guetty Felin, Jessica Anthony, Herve Cohen

Director: Guetty Felin
Cinematographer: Herve Cohen

Joakim Cohen, Anisia Uzeyman, Jaures Andris, Pascale Faublas, James Noel, Simbi Duplan

A Haitian-American filmmaker who has shared her life between America, Haiti and France. My sensibility, vision and cinematic language have been highly influenced and shaped by my life experience in all three countries. I fell in love with cinema at a very early age at the drive-ins in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The « electric shadows » on that glowing screen were a stark contrast to our realities and yet they deeply connected us to the outside world. Cinema, for me, became my own little sanctuary, my personal way of filling those chasms that were wedged by an insidious political system. I began seeing my parents and the adults around me like characters in a film that I was incessantly crafting. Today, after several decades, a few documentaries, some fiction shorts, three narrative screenplays, and a couple of beautiful babies later, cinema is an organic part of who I am. Cinema is how I engage the world around me, how I denounce social and political injustice, how I explore haunting themes such as memory, exile, foreignness, and the unending search for home, while interconnecting our common global humanities.

2016 | Johannesburg Film Festival, South Africa
* Official Selection
* Africa Premiere

2016 | 41st Toronto International Film Festival | September 8-18- 2016
* Official Selection
* International premiere
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