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Khaled Youssef

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Scénariste


Scénariste, réalisateur et producteur égyptien.

Khaled Youssef est né au Caire en 1964. Après avoir eu son diplôme d’ingénieur en électronique en 1989, il devient à partir de 1992 le 1er assistant de Youssef Chahine sur ses films.
Il coécrit les scénarios du DESTIN (1997), de L’AUTRE (1999) ainsi que d’ALEXANDRIE… NEW YORK (2004) avant de devenir co-réalisateur sur LE CHAOS (2007).


2000 La Tempête (Al Assifa)
2004 Mon âme soeur (Enta Omry)
2005 Ouija (Ouija)
2006 Trahison Justifiée (Khiana Mashroaa)
2007 Le Chaos (Heya Fawda)

1997 Le Destin (Al Massir)
1999 L’Autre (Al Akhar)
2000 La Tempête (Al Assifa)
2004 Alexandrie…New York (Iskendereya…NewYork)
2005 Ouija (Ouija)
2006 Trahison Justifiée (Khiana Mashroaa)
2007 Le Chaos (Heya Fawda)


Egyptian film director, screenwriter and producer.

Youssef Khaled was born in Cairo in 1964 and studied engineering. He worked as an assistant director for Youssef Chahine and co-wrote the scripts for his films Destiny (97), The Other (99) and Alexandria? New York (04). He has directed such features as The Storm (00), My Soul Mate (04), Ouija (06) and Chaos (co-director, 07).

Founder of Egypt Arab Cinema Production & Distribution company.
One of the senior leaders of the student movement in the 1980s.
One of Prominent leaders in student movement in the eighties.
Head of Students’ Union – Zagazig University in the eighties.
Obtained Bachelor of Engineering in 1990, did not practice of engineering work because of His passion for cinematic work.
Head of the Film Commission of the Supreme Council of Culture, and head of the Supreme Commission for Festivals in The Ministry of Culture of Egypt.
Member of the 50th Committee for the drafting of the Egyptian Constitution2014.
Member of Egyptian Parliament 2015.

He completed eleventh films authored and directed, as well he participated in writing Scenarios four films for Youssef Shahin obtained many international awards of most of his Films, he got the large cash estimate, has also received unprecedented public success his triple movies (Dokan ShehataHeya FawdaHena Maysara) that contributed in expose the size of injustice, Coercion, corruption Suffered by the Egyptian sthese films have observed the January 25 revolution, and subsequent events before its occur by years, even it predicted by all details, and considered one of the most important signs of the Revoluti on His latest film (Kaf Al-Qamar 2010) also witnessed the reality of the Arab nation after the revolutions, from disintegration, divisions, conflicts, and the magnitude of the challenges it faces.He was at the forefront of participants in the January 25 revolution, when the mob took advantage of the absence of police, the State, and tried to Rob a Museum, initiated the call via satellite to the Egyptian people to head to The Museum to protect it, was so great impact on people’s rescue operation of the Museum. He stayed in the field with millions of Egyptians, even Mubarak departure from power, and continued his struggle to achieve the goals of the revolution, was at the front of the ranks of the rebellion against the Muslim Brotherhood, had his share of Their attacks, to try to assassinate him. has planned and led the occupation of the Ministry of Culture and sit-in inside it, the brotherhood minister was prevented from entering the ministry, was one of the last nails in the coffin of the Muslim Brotherhood, which already fell after the sit-in in a few weeks, specifically in the June 30 revolution that documented by Cameras of Khaled Youssef from military aircraft to witness the people verifies that they have a popular revolution, not a military coup as promoted by the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies and then chosen within 50 Egyptians for the formulation of the Egyptian Constitution, in 2015 he Stand For Election of the parliament, to meet the desire of the people of Kafr Shukr department, and still continue his national role inside and outside the parliament biased towards the values he has always believed in it….. Freedom, social justice and human dignity In 2017 he comeback behind the Cinema Camera to shoot the latest his Karma movie.

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