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Jyoti Mistry

Réalisateur/trice, Plasticien/ne, Producteur/trice, Universitaire, Scénariste
Afrique du Sud


Plasticienne, réalisatrice et universitaire sud-africaine.

Jyoti Mistry est Professeure Associée au Département Arts, Film et Télévision de l’Université de Witwatersrand à Johannesburg (Afrique du Sud). Ses recherches portent sur les cinémas nationaux, les cinémas africains, les études culturelles et l’art contemporain.
Elle est aussi réalisatrice et a produit les courts-métrages YONI (1997), WE REMEMBER DIFFERENTLY (2005) et le film I MIKE WHAT I LIKE (2006), d’après un scénario de Kgafela oa Magogodi.


Jyoti Mistry was born in Durban and studied filmmaking and cinema studies at New York University. Her short films include « We Remember Differently » (05) and « I Mike What I Like » (06). Her feature films are « The Bull on the Roof » (10) and « Impunity » (14).

Jyoti Mistry is a filmmaker and Associate Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand in the Wits School of Arts. She has taught at New York University; University of Vienna; Arcada University of Applied Science Polytechnic in Helsinki and ALLE Arts School at University of Addis Ababa. Mistry has been an invited guest to teaching institutions internationally and to artist in residence programmes at Netherlands Film Academy (Amsterdam), at California College of Arts (San Francisco), SACATAR (Brazil) and NIROX Foundation (Johannesburg) and was a visiting scholar at the HFF Film School in Babelsburg (Germany).

Mistry’s artistic practice moves seamlessly between filmmaking and installation art practices. She has made critically acclaimed narrative, documentary and experimental films. Mistry’s installation work draws from cinematic traditions but is often re-contextualized for galleries and museums that are outside of the linear cinematic experience.

Mistry has also published widely on the topics of multiculturalism, identity politics, race and memory. Her books include: ‘we remember differently: Race, Memory, Imagination’ (2012) a collection of essays inspired by her film in which explores the complexity of racial identity in South Africa and is published by UNISA Press. ‘Gaze Regimes: Films and Feminisms in Africa’ (2015) co-edited with Antje Schuhmann is published by Wits University Press.

Having completed her doctorate at NYU, Jyoti teaches writing for experimental film and documentary. When not teaching the craft she regularly, and unashamedly, moonlights within it.
Filmmaker and Associate Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand’s Department of Film and Television in Johannesburg; on the editorial board of Wespennest (literary, arts and culture journal); served on the executive committee of the board of the National Film and Video Foundation in South Africa from 2003-2006; areas of research and writing include cultural policy, questions of identity and multiculturalism.

Selected Publications: « Feminism in new popular South African Television » In: « Screenwise: Film, Fernsehen, Feminismus » (2004); « Contested Lands, Unresolved Narratives » In: « Moving Landscapes: Landschaft und Film » (2006); co-editor of: « Black Brown White: Photography from South Africa » (2006); « Seeing Communities out of Context: Notes on a Photographic Exhibition » In: « Images and Communities: The Visual Construction of the Social » (2007).

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