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Réalisateur/trice Producteur/trice Professeur Scénariste Monteur/se

Khalid Shamis

Afrique du Sud


Khalid SHAMIS, est un scénariste, enseignant, réalisateur, monteur et producteur, installé en Afrique du Sud depuis 2005. Sa société de production tubafilms travaille principalement dans le cinéma documentaire. IMAM AND I (2011) est son premier film de long métrage documentaire. Il est un des étudiants du Talent Campus Durban 2008.


Khalid SHAMIS, a writer, lecturer, director, editor and producer, settled in South Africa in 2005.
An award-winning editor, Khalid has earned a South African Film and Television Award for his short film, The Killing of the Imam.
He edited Forerunners, Black Diamonds, Branded and Afrikaaps, which won an audience award at the Encounters Film Festival 2010. Additionally, in 2010 he worked as an editor and director for music videos for FreshlyGround and 340ml.
Other projects under his belt are Days and Nights of Love and Fire directed by Eugene Paramoer; I’m Not Dead Yet, directed by Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann, The Pioneer of Paraguay and Finding Utopia, shorts directed by Lisa Swart; and The Making of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, directed by Moabi Mogorosi.
Prior to 2005, Khalid cut many trailers and commercials for the Viacom-owned Gulf DTH/Showtime Arabia Productions in London. His production company tubafilms works primarily in documentary film. IMAM AND I (2011) is his first feature documentary. He is an aluncis of Talent Campus Durban 2008.