41è Durban International Film Festival (DIFF 2020)
41ème édition.


Le 41ème Festival International du Cinéma de Durban (DIFF 2020) a lieu du 10 au 20 septembre 2020, à Durban, Afrique du Sud., en mode virtuel pour la première fois de son histoire.

DATES: 16 – 26 JULY 2020 postponed to 10-20 September 2020

Opening Film
« This is not a Burial, but a Resurrection » by Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese (South Africa, Lesotho and Italy), starring Mary Twala (South African actress).

Closing Film
« Dust« , by Pieter du Plessis (South Africa), with actress Shana Mans in the lead role.

Now celebrating its landmark 41st year, this prestigious South African international film festival is a unique phenomenon on the African cultural calendar. The festival will screen around 100 selected films, most of them premiere screenings in this region; host seminars and workshops and include screenings in township areas where cinema facilities do not exist. The international nature of the festival is balanced with a highlighted component of the finest of African cinema.

For the first time in its 41-year history, Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) will go virtual from 10 to 20 September 2020. This prestigious South African international film festival is a unique phenomenon on the African cultural calendar and also promises to be in its virtual version. The festival will screen over 50 selected films, and the international nature of the festival is balances with a highlighted component of the finest of African cinema.

Home-bound film fans will be treated to screening cutting-edge films from around the world, with particular focus on South African and African films, DIFF is one of the premier platforms for the launch of African films. It has a competition for fiction feature films, documentaries and short films. The festival is committed to quality programming and is profiling and showcasing some of the best 2020 has on offer.

In addition to film screenings, the festival aims to include innovate ways of connecting with filmmakers and audiences online. Also, the yearly awards will resume as normal. The festival will offer an industry programme with seminars and workshops comprised of both local and international filmmakers and industry professionals, with the Isiphethu running from 14 to 18 September

Isiphethu Hub remains an exciting space for the local audiences and people can expect a series of workshops, schools programme, and exchange of ideas by experts from across the world who will be part of the DIFF this year. « Isiphethu is a melting pot as well as a hub geared towards the exchange of ideas and uplifting emerging and aspirant film-makers across the province of KwaZulu Natal and South Africa as a whole. We are excited about this year’s programme despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. » Sakhile Gumede, Project Coordinator for Isiphethu.

The festival is saddened not to be able to put on their physical event, but also incredibly excited to be working on their virtual edition. The team has decided to adapt to new realities and partner with Festival Scope in partnership with Shift 72 to facilitate the screenings. The festival looks forward to hosting yet another successful edition and present as much of a full festival experience as they can offer.

« Of course, we all want to get back into the cinema, but since we are not able to, we need to adapt to this new virtual world swiftly. All creative industries are finding innovative ways to connect with their audiences, so we believe film festivals must also adapt. » says Chipo Zhou, head of programming.

The festival is organized by the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts, together with US Consulate, KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission and other valued partners.



Opening Film: This is not a burial, it’s a ressurection (2019)
Drama – 2h 0m

Tokoloshe: The Calling (2020)
Horror – 1h 13m

The road less cycled (2019)
Drama – 1h 30m

Take me somewhere nice (2019)
Drama – 1h 32m

Stam (The Tree) (2019)
Drama – 1h 15m

Skin in the game (2019)
Thriller – 1h 30m

Shaft 6 (2020)
Crime, Drama – 1h 39m

Rattlesnakes (2019)
Action, Thriller – 1h 25m

Ouvertures (2019)
Documentary – 2h 12m

Lusala (2019)
Drama – 1h 2m

Our Lady of The Nile (2019)
Drama – 1h 33m

Kedibone (2020)
Drama – 1h 40m

Just like that (2019)
Drama – 1h 49m

Force of Habit (2019)
Comedy, Drama – 1h 15m

Farewell Amor (2020)
Drama – 1h 35m

Exile (2020)
Drama – 2h 1m

Equal Standard (2019)
Action, Crime – 1h 40m

Burkinabe (2019)
Drama – 1h 15m

Buried / Enterrés (2020)
Drama – 1h 28m

Beanpole (2019)
War, Drama – 2h 17m

Dust (2020)
Science Fiction – 1h 32m


The next few months (2019)
Short – 7min

Zombies (2019)
Short – 13min

Tabaski (2019)
Short – 26min

Two Hues (2020)
Short – 15min

Sandpaper (2019)
Short – 16min

The award ceremony (2019)
Short – 8min

Ruby and Roach (2020)
Short – 8min

So what if goats die (2019)
Short – 23min

Pattaki (2019)
Short – 21min

Sadla (2019)
Short – 6min

Henet ward (2020)
Short – 22min

Pillars (2019)
Short – 18min

Grey Matter (2020)
Short – 24min

Olla (2019)
Short – 28min

EsCape Town (2020)
Short – 14min

Heirloom (2019)
Short – 5min

Buck (2019)
Short – 14min

Exam (2019)
Short – 15min

Benevolent Ba (2020)
Short – 9min

Daughter (2019)
Short – 15min

Bereka (2019)
Short – 7min

Are You Hungry? (2019)
Short – 12min

Address Unknown (2020)

Short – 24min


Welcome to Chechnya (2020)
Documentary – 1h 47m

The prophet and the space aliens (2020)
Documentary – 1h 26m

The Letter (2020)
Documentary – 1h 21m

The art of fallism (2019)
Documentary – 1h 13m

Softie (2020)
Documentary – 1h 36m

Janitou (2020)
Documentary – 1h 23m

Influence (2020)
Documentary – 1h 45m

In your eyes, I see my country (2019)
Documentary – 1h 15m

How to steal a country (2019)
Documentary – 1h 33m

FADMA: Even ants have wings (2019)
Documentary – 1h 20m

Days of cannibalism (2020)
Documentary – 1h 19m

A rifle and a bag (2020)
Documentary – 1h 29m

143 Sahara Street (2019)
Documentary – 1h 40m

Finding Sally (2020)
Documentary – 1h 18m

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