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Yassine El Idrissi

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Scénariste, Producteur/trice délégué/e


Réalisateur, scénariste et producteur marocain.
Après avoir débuté comme photojournaliste, il fait des études de cinéma qu’il termine en 2013, à l’Académie du Film d’Amsterdam (Amsterdam Film Academy), Pays-Bas.
Il a participé à plusieurs ateliers de Berlinale Talents (Durban 2017 – Berlin 2017 – Beyrouth 2016)

(2020) Exodus (court métrage fiction)
(2018) Bottles / Bouteilles (court métrage fiction) – Réalisateur et Scénariste.
(2016) Honey and Old Cheese (court métrage fiction) – Réalisateur et Scénariste.
(2014) The Iranian Film (Documentaire) – Idée Originale | Réalisateur | Scénariste | Producteur | Chef Opérateur | Participant | Producteur délégué
(2010) Welcome to the Zoo (Documentaire) – Réalisateur | Scénariste | Producteur
(2009) Waiting for the snow (Documentaire) – Réalisateur | Scénariste | Producteur


Moroccan Filmmaker.

Yassine El Idrissi started his career as a photojournalist, having discovered a lifelong passion for photography at the age of sixteen. He has been employed by numerous international organizations including the Dutch news agency, ANP, and Moroccan newspapers Al Jarida Al Oula and Al Massae to capture current events in Morocco and across the region. His passion for telling the story through images led him to produce and self finance his first documentary film, Waiting for the snow (2009), which screened at international festivals including the Geneva Human Rights Film Festival, and the Madrid Documentary Festival. The film chronicles the life of a family who struggle to make a living, waiting for the snow to signal the start of the tourist season in one of Morocco’s top winter holiday resorts. On the film, which took over two years to complete.

Continuing his work as a photojournalist, Yassine captured and integrated the pressing socio-economic and political issues he covered as a photographer in his second documentary, Welcome to the Zoo (2010), which investigates the decay of the Rabat zoo as a metaphor for the urgent change needed in Morocco and the events unfolding in the current Arabic revolution.

In 2013 Yassine graduated with a master’s degree from the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
He was Alumnus of Berlinale Talents (Durban 2017 – Berlin 2017 – Beirut 2016)

(2018) Bottles (Short) – Writer | Director
(2016) Honey and Old Cheese (Short) – Writer | Director
(2014) The Iranian Film (Documentary) – Story | Writer | Director | Producer | Cinematographer | Self | Executive producer
(2010) Welcome to the Zoo (Documentary) – Story | Writer | Director | Producer
(2009) Waiting for the snow (Documentary) – Story | Writer | Director | Producer

IMDb Mini Biography By: Film critic


Realizador, argumentista e produtor marroquino.
Depois de ter começado como fotojornalista, estudou cinema, que completou em 2013 na Academia de Cinema de Amesterdão, Holanda.
Participou em vários workshops de Talentos Berlinale (Durban 2017 – Berlim 2017 – Beirute 2016).

(2020) Exodus (curta-metragem de ficção)
(2018) Garrafas / Bouteilles (curta-metragem de ficção) – Realizador e Escritor.
(2016) Honey and Old Cheese (curta-metragem de ficção) – Realizador e Escritor.
(2014) O Filme Iraniano (Documentário) – Ideia Original | Realizador | Argumentista | Produtor | Operador Principal | Contribuinte | Produtor de Linha
(2010) Bem (Documentário) – Director | Escritor | Produtor
(2009) À espera da neve (Documentário) – Realizador | Escritor | Produtor


Director, guionista y productor marroquí.
Después de empezar como fotoperiodista, estudió cine, que completó en 2013 en la Academia de Cine de Ámsterdam, Holanda.
Participó en varios talleres de Berlinale Talents (Durban 2017 – Berlín 2017 – Beirut 2016).

(2020) Exodus (cortometraje de ficción)
(2018) Botellas / Bouteilles (cortometraje de ficción) – Director y escritor.
(2016) Honey and Old Cheese (cortometraje de ficción) – Director y escritor.
(2014) La película iraní (documental) – Idea original | Director | Guionista | Productor | Operador principal | Contribuyente | Productor de línea
(2010) Bienvenido al Zoo (Documental) – Director | Escritor | Productor
(2009) Esperando la nieve (Documental) – Director | Escritor | Productor
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