« Cuban Music »

By Maya Roy

Cité de la Musique/Actes-Sud, Col. "Musiques du Monde"
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A methodic anthology of Cuban music which, whilst not claiming to be exhaustive, aims first and foremost to provide pointers that help understand this universe better. Accompanied by a record, as is always the case with this collection, the book outlines the history of Cuban music, and sheds light on its hazy areas, retraces the major trends of the past and present, highlights the talent of its musicians, and points to the influences of the Church and the Army, before ending with the status and success of the Cuban repertoire. Benny Moré, Trio Matamoros, Septeto National, Los van Van… Rumba, son, guaracha… Cuba remains a site of major cultural fusion as a result of the tragic slave period: Europe and Africa meet there in music. Maya Roy teaches at the University of Paris VIII and is member of a research team which specializes in the History of the Hispanic West Indies. A journalist too, she is well-known for her long combat so that this music be recognized for more than its exotic or touristy aspect. Music is part of Cuba’s humanity. As can never be said too often.

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