Congo in Harlem 2015
7ème édition.


Welcome to the 7th Congo in Harlem at New York’s Maysles Cinema, an annual series of films, panel discussions, performances, and special events focused on the history, politics, and culture of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The aim of the series is to deepen our community’s understanding of Congo through art and dialogue. Each year, we strive to offer a diverse program that provides more than the traditional movie-going experience – at Congo in Harlem, our audiences find opportunities to discover Congolese food, music, and artwork, learn about Congo’s challenges, and get involved.


Sunday 10/18, 7PM – The Palavers of Mboloko
Monday 10/19, 7:30PM – Early Silent Colonial Films
Tuesday 10/20, 7:30PM – Empire of Dust
Wednesday 10/21, 7:30PM – Rêve Bokoluka + Rêve Kakudji
Thursday 10/22, 7:30PM – Mukwege, The Doctor Who Saves Women
Friday, 10/23, 7:30PM – Congo Business Case
Saturday 10/24, 12PM – 2 works-in-progress documentaries on Congo’s upcoming elections
Saturday 10/24, 3PM – Special Panel: Exploring Prospects for Peaceful Political Change
Saturday 10/24, 7:30PM – Elephant’s Dream
Sunday 10/25, 3PM – Rumors of the Lake
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