Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2011
Cochon de Gaza (Le)
Date de sortie en France : 21/09/2011
Pays concerné : France
Durée : 99 minutes
Genre : comédie
Type : fiction


Après une tempête, Jafaar, un pêcheur palestinien de Gaza, remonte par hasard dans ses filets un cochon tombé d’un cargo. Bien décidé à se débarrasser de cet animal impur, il tente néanmoins de le vendre afin d’améliorer son existence misérable.

Un film de Sylvain Estibal

1er film
Adapté du roman de Sylvain Estibal

Film français, belge, allemand, 2011, comédie

Sasson Gabay __ Jafaar
Baya Belal __ Fatima
Myriam Tekaïa __ Yelena
Ulrich Tukur __ Officier
Gassan ABBAS __ Coiffeur

Réalisateur : Sylvain Estibal
Auteur : Sylvain Estibal
Producteur : Franck Chorot

Langues : Arabe, Hébreu, Anglais
Durée : 1h39min
Pays de production : france
Distributeur : StudioCanal
Lieux de tournage : Malte


When Pigs Have Wings
Following a storm at sea, Jafaar, a poor Palestinian fisherman, is surprised when he reels in a pot-bellied pig along with his usual catch. Unsure of what to do with this ‘impure’ beast, he attempts to sell it but trying to profit from a pig in Gaza is not as easy as it sounds, and the pair become entangled in an extraordinary chain of events and a rather dubious line of work…

When Pigs have Wings is a film by Sylvain ESTIBAL.

‘The Pig of Gaza’ is a hugely entertaining tale of an everyday hero’s valiant efforts to survive in a country bound by poverty, military occupation and religious extremism. Optimistic til the last, the unlikely duo pick their way through political (and sometimes literal) minefields with hilarious results. Jafaar’s singular quest for a better life allows us to believe that despite many divides and differences, there may still be hope for a better future for all.

Directed by Sylvain Estibal

Cast :
Sasson Gabay (Jafaar), Baya Belal (Fatima), Myriam Tekaïa (Yelena), Ulrich Tukur (Officer), Gassan Abbas (Barber)

1st feature
Adapted from the novel written bySylvain Estibal

Alternate Title: Le Cochon de Gaza

Languages: Arabic, Hebrew, English-
Runtime : 1h39
Year of production : 2011
Distributor : StudioCanal
Countries of Production : France, Belgium, Germany
Shooting Places: Malte
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