Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2011
Bahari – بحرى
Pays concerné : Égypte
Support : DigiBeta
Durée : 12 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : fiction


Un soir, Amr se balade seul dans les rues de Bahari, quartier de la côte Est en marge d’Alexandrie. Alors qu’il recueille des images pour un projet artistique, il en vient à filmer un groupe d’enfants qu’il trouve mignons. Deux hommes du quartier sont choqués par les faits et gestes de Amr. L’incompréhension s’installe.

2011, Egypte, court métrage, Fiction

réalisé par Ahmed Ghoneimy

2011 / Egypte – 12’44 Min [Clermont-Ferrand 2012]. – Couleur – VO arabe sous-titré français – Expérimental/fiction / Digital Betacam

Ahmed Ghoneimy

Ahmed Ghoneimy

Directeur photographie
Islam Kamal

Directeur artistique du son
Samir Nabile

Perry Moataz

Amr Wishahy, Yasser Beltagy, Mohamed El Sayed

Mixage Son
Sherif Zein

2012 | Festival International du Court Métrage à Clermont-Ferrand
* Film inscrit

2012 | FID MArseille
* Section – Les Fils du Pouvoir
* Première internationale


One night, Amr wanders alone in the streets of’Bahari’, the marginalized eastern shore of Alexandria. While he collects material for an art project he is allured to film a playful group of children. Two locals are provoked by Amr’s actions leading to an encounter that develops elusive fears.

Ahmed Ghoneimy, Egypt 2011, 12:39 min., Fiction – Digital – Colour – Arabic OV – English subtitles –

Bahari short film teaser / بحرى فيلم قصير from Ahmed Ghoneimy on Vimeo.

Director’s note :
It is a situation I went through in real life, I was curious to explore the small details that lead to my ugly encounter with the locals of Bahari.Two months after the incident I went back and met one of the real life heroes of the story, It wasn’t a pleasant meeting. I realized that class differences were one of obstacles to communication. One year after working with him a strong bond was formed and an understanding to explore the situation that lead to our first encounter. I decided to make him act in an improvised short film depicting our journey together.

The film had it’s european premier at the Rotterdam Film Festival and it’s world premier at the 8th edition of the Dubai Film Festival.

2012 | 28th Hamburg International ShortFilmFestival, Germany
* Hamburg Short Film Award (Jury Award of the International Competition, 3000 Euros)
Jury statement: With his deeply personal short fiction piece, the director gives us a glimpse into a society in almost constant transition. Creating a dense atmosphere of allegation and fear, he tells the story of a surreal encounter close by the city of Alexandria, Egypt. Communication seems only possible in a fragmented way. This film won the jury over with its highly proficient, poetic and confident representations of locale, human interaction, and its delicate and deliberate timing.[tt_news]=1341&tx_ttnews[backPid]=2009&cHash=4843af6a9cbf80c1536fb78ff1f4ec51


Amr geht durch die Straßen von Bahari an der Ostküste Alexandrias. Er ist auf der Suche nach Material für sein Kunstprojekt und lässt sich dazu hinreissen, eine Gruppe spielender Kinder zu filmen. Zwei Anwohner fühlen sich dadurch provoziert. Aus einer Begegnung entwickeln sich schwer fassbare Ängste.

Ahmed Ghoneimy – Ägypten / Egypt 2011 – 12’39 Min. – Digital – Farbe / Colour – arabisch / Arabic OV – English subtitles – Kurzspielfilm / Fiction
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