Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2012
Dance of Outlaws (Häätanssi)
Pays concerné : Maroc
Durée : 82 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Hind est la fille d’un dealer. Chassée de chez elle à 14 ans parce qu’elle a été violée, elle danse dans des mariages et se prostitue. Hind n’a pas d’existence officielle. Elle n’arrive pas à remettre la main sur son acte de naissance et ne peut prétendre à aucun papier d’identité. Elle rêve pourtant d’un avenir meilleur : épouser son petit ami, retrouver la garde de ses enfants qu’elle a dû abandonner, trouver un travail et un vrai toit.

Long-métrage documentaire.

Un film de Mohamed EL ABOUDI

Finlande, Norvège / 2012 – vidéo – HD – 16/9 – 01h22 – Couleur

Réalisation : Mohamed El Aboudi
Auteur : Mohamed El Aboudi
Image : Marita Hällfors
Son : Martti Turunen
Montage : Erik Andersson
Musique : Juuso Hannukainen,Mikko Rajala

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2013 | 26ème FIPA
* Sélection


A film about a woman who doesn’t exist. Hind was raped and consequently denied an official identity – she has no other choice but to work as a prostitute and wedding dancer, but despite the odds of her situation, refuses to give up her dream of dignity, motherhood and love.

Directed and Written by Mohamed EL ABOUDI

Finland, Norway / 2012 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / DCP / 85 minutes

a documentary film. 83 and 58 min, HDV, 16:9, DCP 85 min.

DANCE OF OUTLAWS de Mohamed EL ABOUDI from CMCA on Vimeo.

Director’s Word

Morocco made the world news in March 2012 when Amina El-Filali, a 16-year-old girl committed suicide after being forced to marry the man who raped her, and consequently the government spokesman announced the law allowing rapists to go unpunished if they married the victim would be amended. Dance of Outlaws shows us Amina is just the tip of the iceberg, not an exception. The main character of the film, Hind, was raped at the age of fifteen. Her parents kicked her out because she was bringing shame to the family, and she became a prostitute and wedding dancer. By the age of 22 she has been in prison several times, has had two children and been forced to give them away. I had heard about wedding dancers of Morocco, but no one cared about them; they were just whores. I wanted to know more, and when I met some of them, I was shocked about their stories. I felt this was something that I had to tell to the world. The life of the wedding dancers is a constant struggle for survival in a society that either completely ignores them or imprisons them. A 19-year old dancer told me: « I never cry any more, I have no tears left. » As a filmmaker I want to give a voice to the powerless, marginalised people and reveal problems that people don’t want to see. I want to fight hypocrisy and old attitudes of honour and shame. The story of Hind is not only Moroccan; there are thousands of women like her in the world, women who live outside the society with no identity, and when they become mothers the vicious circle of poverty, violence and hopelessness continues from generation to generation.

Director: Mohamed El Aboudi
Producer: Pertti Veijalainen, Timo Korhonen, Venla Hellstedt
Scriptwriter: Mohamed El Aboudi
Cinematographer: Marita Hällfors
Editor: Erik Andersson
Composer: Juuso Hannukainen, Mikko Rajala
Subject: Hind

« Hind » – Hanan, Bilal, Bouchra, Leila, Noura, Lamia, Fatima, Hasna, Frima, Ghizlane, Asia, Halima, Abderrahim El Hawary, Hamid El Hawwat

Written and Directed by Mohamed El Aboudi

Cinematography Marita Hällfors F.S.C.

2nd Camera Aziz El Attar

Editor Erik Andersson

Sound Design Martti Turunen

Sound Recording Anne Tolkkinen, Pirkko Tiitinen

Music Juuso Hannukainen, Mikko Rajala

Location Manager Khalid Laaboudi

Edit Assistant Kalle Sipilä

Production Assistants Maarit Mononen, Marianne Mäkelä, Ella Ruohonen

Production Trainees Kristiina Salaka, Olli Vuokko

Color Grading Timo Luomanen

Mastering Post Control Helsinki

Accounting Rantalainen Oy /Pirjo Harmainen, Mari Pertamo, Maciej Zylski

Auditing Risto Ekholm / Audit Polar

Legal Consultant Pia Naarajärvi / Beach House Consulting

Translations Paula El Aboudi, Sampsa Peltonen, Tiina Kinnunen, Elizabeth Marschan, Semantix

Post Production Services supplied by Hinterland AS

IT engineer Odd Brandtzægg

Production Assistant Nick Hegreberg

Office Manager Oddleiv Vik

Accounting Vassdal & Eriksen AS

Auditing Arvid Abrahamsen

Distribution Norway Kudos Family Distribution AS
Thank you

Centre Cinématographique du Maroc CCM, Ministère de Communication du Maroc, Hind’s Family, M. Seguiri, Shefira’s Family, Mezziwi Family, Abderrahim El Hawary Band, Ba Al Hadi Band, Ahel Twat Band, Tarja Forsman, Ulla Saari, Erja Mäki-Iso, Klara Grunning-Harris, Pia Helin, Seija Kallio, Stefan Kloos, Pirjo Koskelo, Ilse Kuussaari, Mirka Lammi, Karolina Lidin, Marianne Näsinlinna, Otto Suuronen, Marja Pallassalo, Tuomas Petelius, Volya Films

In Co-operation with YLE/ Iikka Vehkalahti, Erkki Astala

Production Support Finnish Film Foundation:Miia Haavisto, Elina Kivihalme ;AVEK The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture:Pia Andell;The Church Media Foundation:Juha Rajamäki; Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland; With the Support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, Produced with the Support of The Freedom of Expression Foundation: Bente Roalsvig

Presented at the Dubai Film Connection DIFF 2009, Sheffield Meet Market 2010, Nordisk Forum 2010 and FIPA 2011

Co-producer Torstein Grude / Piraya Film AS

Producer Venla Hellstedt

Executive Producer Pertti Veijalainen, Timo Korhonen

Production Illume Ltd – Road Movies Ltd



Locarno International Film Festival, Semaine de la critique 7-8.8.2012 Locarno, Switzerland.
* Premio Zonta Club Locarno.

Helsinki International Film Festival 20-30.9.2012, Helsinki, Finland
* Selection

Nordisk Panorama 21-26.9.2012, Finland,
* nominee for best Nordic documentary

CPH:DOX 1-11.11.2012, Copenhagen, Denmark,
* nominee in competition for best Nordic non-fiction filmmaking

Århus film festival 6-11.11.2012, Århus, Denmark
* Selection

Dubai Film Festival 9-16.12.2012, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
* nominee for Muhr Arab Documentary

Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels FIPA 22-27.01.2013, Biarritz, France
* Selection

Festival National du Film 01-09.02.2013, Tanger, Morocco.
* Mention spéciale de Compétition longs métrages,
* Mention spéciale de L’Association marocaine des critiques de cinéma (AMCC),
* Mention spéciale de Cinémag

The International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH), 1-10.3.2013, Geneve, Switzerland.
* Nominee for best creative documentary

Tampere Film Festival 06-10.3.2013, Tampere, Finland.
* Special Prize of the Jury

PLANETE+ DOC Film Festival, 10-19.5.2013, Warsaw, Poland,
* Millenium main competition

International festival of mediterranean documentary and reportage, Primed,17-22.6.2013, Marseille, France,
* nominee in Mediterranean Issues serie

Cinéma Arabe, 8-9.5.2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands
* Selection



Häätanssi kertoo naisesta, jota ei ole olemassa. Marokkolainen Hind raiskattiin teini-ikäisenä, joten häneltä kiellettiin virallinen henkilöllisyys. Ilman henkilöllisyystodistusta hänellä ei ole muuta mahdollisuutta kuin työskennellä prostituoituna ja perinteisenä häätanssijana. Häätanssi ei tuo hänelle juurikaan rahaa eikä kunnioitusta, mutta ei ole niin vaarallista kuin prostituutio. Hind yrittää saada takaisin elämänsä, lapsensa ja yksinkertaisesti oikeuden elää tasa-arvoisena ihmisenä tällä vuosisadalla.

ajityyppi: Dokumentti
Levittäjä: Pirkanmaan elokuvakeskus Ry
Ohjaaja: Mohamed El Aboudi
Ensi-ilta: 18.1.2013
Kesto: 1h 25 min
Ikäraja: 12
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