For the cohesion and unification of the the ACP countries’ cultural information approach: the Southplanet example.

Below is the speech of Olivier Barlet, head of the website development service at Africultures, at the “Culture and creation: factors of development” seminar (organized by the European Commission in Brussels from 1st to 3rd of April 2009) during the cross-disciplinary discussion group “Information and communication of the ACP cultural protagonists: what tools for what aims?” All the discussion groups advised creating a sole and federative website to improve the visibility and communication of the ACP cultural forms of expression (African, Caribbean and Pacific countries) : it’s time for the operators to think together about a portal that would become a reference for everybody, as Stefano Manservisi, head of development at the European Commission, recalled during his opening speech of the experts meeting, when he urged to put an end to double purposes and considered that a general databank would favour the information networking. A project based on work carried out on the ground since 1992 Africultures, created in 1997, followed the Lettre des arts et des musiques africains. So, since 1992, the Africultures team has been working in collaboration with African artists. The website was created as early as 1998 (today, more than a million people have visited the websites generated by Africultures) and the daily newsletter came in 1999 (to this day, it has nearly 100 000 addressees). Soon, the question of cohesiveness of the information put online came up: the fields of the database evolved according to needs, getting more complex, little by little, and integrated new considerations, to meet information requests. The website uses this database as its reference. (the African cultural information network site) uses it as well, just like (the African Federation of Film Critics website). But it is also used by Sud...

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