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Wael Omar

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Monteur/se, Producteur/trice délégué/e


Réalisateur, Monteur et Producteur égyptien (Middle West Films, Le Caire).


Egyptian film Director, Editor and Producer (Middle West Films, Cairo).

Wael Omar is a native Cairene with an inherent passion for all things creative, chaotic, eccentric or authentic. Since 2001 he has worked up and down the production line, from inconsequential credits on Hollywood features, to filming « conflict zone » documentaries in Kenya, and Egypt, to fixing for Danish, French, Spanish, and Dutch film companies with productions in Egypt. In 2005 he produced and directed Democracy 76 -a treatise on Egypt’s first attempt at a democratic election, and the brutal events that precipitated it. Upon returning to re-settle in the Middle East in 2007, with a focus on culturally-rich, heritage oriented stories, and a partner [Rasha El Gammal] who is practically a female twin, Wael launched Middle West Films, whole-heartedly dedicated to build and fortify the documentary scene in the Arab-Med region. The company has had strong representation in all regional film markets and festivals. It is currently in completing a feature-length documentary entitled IN SEARCH OF OIL AND SAND.

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