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Bhekizizwe Peterson

Ecrivain/ne, Producteur/trice, Universitaire, Scénariste
Afrique du Sud


Il est Associate Professor de littérature africaine à l’Université de Witwatersrand (Afrique du Sud). Il est actif comme participant et analyse des pratiques culurelles noires depuis les années soixante-dix.


Bhekizizwe Peterson is Associate Professor of African Literature at the University of the Witwatersrand. He has been active as a participant and commentator on Black cultural practices since the late seventies. He has held Fellowships at Yale University and Birmingham University. He has sat on various editorial, statutory and artistic committees, juries and boards across the continent. He has published extensively on African Literature, Performance, Cultural Studies and Black Intellectual Traditions in South Africa. His last book is « Monarchs, Missionaries and African Intellectuals: African Theatre and the Unmaking of Colonial Marginality » (Wits Press, 2000). His film credits include producing and writing the screenplays for « The Children and I » (1993, directed by Ken Kaplan) and the acclaimed features film « Fools » (1997) and « Zulu Love Letter » (2004), both directed by Ramadan Suleman. He has also served as a creative consultant and producer on numerous projects including noted documentaries such as Dumsani Phakathi’s « Wa’n Wina » (2001) and Rehad Desai’s « Born into Struggle » (2004).
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