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Hanan Turk (Nona)



Actrice égyptienne.

Parfois créditée sous le nom de
Hanane Tork
Hanane Turk

Elle est née le 07 mars 1975, au Caire, Egypt, sous le nom de Hanan Hassan Mohamed ABD EL-KARIM. Elle est surnommée Nona.


Egyptian Actress

Nickname: Nona
Nationality: Egypt
Date of Birth: 7 March 1975

Hanan Hassan Mohamed A’bd Al Kareem was born in Cairo. She studied at the Ballet Institute and while performing in a production of « Macbeth » she was noticed by director Kheiry Bushara who nominated her for a role in the film title « Raghba Muttawahisha » (« Monstrous Desire »). Hanan has performed in several television productions amongst which is « al-Suqoot fee Bir Saba » (« Falling into Bir Saba »), « al-Mal wa al-Banoun » (« Property and Progeny »), « al-Sabr fee al-Mallahat », « lan A’eesh fee Jalbab Abby » (« I Will not Live in My Father’s Robes »), « Opera A’ydah », « Ameera fee A’bdin » (« A Princess in A’bdin »), « Nisf Rabee’ al-Aakhar » (« The Middle of Next Spring »). Moreover the actress has also partaken in the cinema production « Fee al-Ou’shq wa al-Saffar » (« Love and Journeying »). Hanan is considered among the most talented performers of her generation and can be seen in her finest form in « al-Mohajjir » (« The Emigrant »), « al-Aakhar » (« The Other ») and « Sahr al-Layaly » (« Staying Up »).

Born March 7, 1975 in Cairo, Egypt
Birth Name Hanan Hassan Mohamed Abd El-Karim
Nickname Nona
Mini Bio (2)

One of Egypt’s most talented actresses. With her expressive brown eyes, lustrous dark hair and flawless olive skin, the ballet dancer, and actress burst onto the scene in 1991, making her mark on the Egyptian Actresses list and audiences as well.

She co-stars with Nadia El Gendyand Mahmood Hemaidah in Raghba Motawahesha (1992). One of Egypt’s foremost leading ladies of the 1990s, Hanan has managed to make her mark on Arabic audiences as well. Born in (Cairo) on 7th of March 1976, Hanan was one of three children, Hanan, Hussein and Hossam of a Father who owns a Factory for Women’s wear (El Torki for Dresses). After years of intensive study in ballet, she broke into acting in 1991. In 1992, she had starring roles in L’émigré (1994), for famous director Youssef Chahine. In 1998, she had the starring role as well in L’autre (1999), two very disparate films. Hanan proved to be a huge success. Success gave Hanan a dose of Arab recognition, and, after starring in a number of Egyptian films, she enhanced this recognition in the year 2000 with the entry to TV series Opera Ayda (2000)
That same year, she had a brief but memorable role in breakthrough film The Storm (2000).

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Bora


2012 | Sister Teresa (TV Series). Her role: Khadijah – Terasa (2012)

2012 | The Deal. Her role: Hanan

2011 | Nona El Mazouna (TV Series). Her role: Nona / Hanan
30 episodes

2008-2011 | Bassant and Diyasty (TV Series). Her role: Bassant

2010 | Blind Cat (TV Series). Her role: Fatma (2010)

2009 | Akher ayam el ard. Her role: Alya (voice)

2009 | Hanem Bent Basha (TV Series). Her role: Hanem

2009 | Ibrahim Labyad. Her role: Ibrahim’s Mother

2008-2009 | Super Henedi (TV Series). Her role: Hanan

2007 | Real Dreams. Her role: Mariam

2006 | Cut and Paste. Her role: Gamila

2006 | Children of Streets (TV Series). Her role: Zeinab

2005 | Kalam fel hob. Her role: Salma

2005 | Sara (TV Series). Her role: Sara

2005 | Kiss Me Not on the Eyes. Her role (as Main actress): Dunia

2005 | Al Abaa’ al Sighar. Her role: Amal

2005 | Joys of Life. Her role: Hanan

2004 | Tito. Her role: Nour

2004 | The Best of Times. Her role: Salma

2003 | Sleepless Nights. Her role: Farah

2003 | Haramiyyah fi Tayland. Her role: Hanoon

2003 | The Fish’s Tail. Her role: Nour

2003 | Girl’s Love. Her role: Ghada Mustafa Abu Hagar

2002 | Harameya fi KG2. Her role: Reem

2002 | Amira fi Abdeen (TV Series). Her role: Ghada

2002 | Tara2e3o (TV Movie)

2002 | Divorce Attorney (Guest appearance)

2001 | Gana el bian el taly. Her role: Afet

2001 | A Marriage by Presidental Decree. Her role: Reham

2001 | El hob el awel. Her role: Wafaa

2001 | Etfarag ya salam

2001 | Shabab Ala Al Hawa. Her role: Nadia

2000 | Opera Ayda (TV Series). Her role: Ayda

2000 | The Storm. Her role: Hayat

1999 | L’autre. Her role: Hanane

1999 | Fatat Min Israeel. Her role: Amina

1998 | Wall of Heroism

1997 | Woman and Five Men

1997 | Ismailia Rayeh Gay. Her role: Salwa

1996 | Al watad (TV Series). Her role: Basima (1996)

1996 | Ln A3esh Fe Gelbab Aby (TV Series). Her role: Nazera

1996 | Nesf Rabie’ Al-Akhar (TV Series). Her role: Omaima

1995 | Al Ziny Barakat (TV Series) (1995)

1993-1995 | El Mal We El Banon (TV Series). Her role: Soraya / Soraya (1993)

1994 | Al-Suqout Fi Bir Sabe’ (TV Series). Her role: Zainab

1994 | Sarek al-farah. Her role: Romana

1994 | L’émigré. Her role: Hati

1994 | Fi el eshk w elsafar

1993 | Laughter, Games, Seriousness and Love (Guest appearance)

1992 | Raghba Motawahesha. Her role: Wafaa

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