Chickin Biznis

By Ntshaveni Wa Luruli (South Africa)

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This lively comedy creates its own classification: « mandelazation ». No reference is made to apartheid, and Whites are absent. It is is entirely on his own free will that Sipho (Fats Bookholane) decides to leave his boss on the Jo’burg stock market in order to try to make his own way back on the highway of business success. Both astute and cunning, he buys chickens in order to them on the black market. Although his misadventures pile up, he never gives up.
A product of the North American school, and a screenplay teacher, Ntsaveni Wa Luruli’s film is constructed along the lines of a serialized fiction bursting with intrigues that revolve around the shortcomings of the key character. This gives rise to a number of both very funny and touching scenes, such as, for example, the ups and downs in his relations with his wife. Shot in a classic Hollywood style, with a fluid camera that combines dolly shots and fades, the film has no inkling of poetry, but constitutes an up-beat, exuberant, and amusing portrait of the black South African community.

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