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Tu Nokwe and his manager Janneke Strijdonk, South Africa
J.S. : « You spend your whole time waiting. Waiting for the bus, for your pass, luncheon vouchers, for the programme, for the show to begin. By the time the artists arrive on stage, they are already exhausted. People keep on saying that the MASA aims to change the image of Africa, but how can they expect to change things with the organization being what it is? People will go home saying, ok, it’s Africa, you have to understand. Nothing will have changed at all. However, we have made some interesting contacts, not just with Europe, but also with Africa. Nothing very definite for the moment, but things look promising. It is a unique opportunity in Africa. »
T.N. : « No artist can give the best of him or herself in these conditions. Thanks to the programme changes, the public no longer knows what’s going on, when, or where. There were maybe a dozen people at our second concert at the CCF. »
Claude Bassolé, director of Show Bizz, producer and tour manager.
Produces artists from Côte d’Ivoire and several neighbouring countries (cassettes, CDs). Distribution network via the kiosques: his own productions, plus a licence for other labels. Also present at the first three Masas.
« There aren’t many Americans this year, but the French, Germans, British and Swiss are present. There seem to be more tour managers and festival organizers than producers. It is good for the groups who want to make a name for themselves in Europe. The greatest demand comes from England, Germany, Switzerland, and, to a lesser degree, France. There are also African tour managers present, but they don’t have the same weight in the artists’ eyes. They prefer to tour outside Africa.
« There has been a drop off since the first Masas. We thought things would expand over time, but unfortunately the outcome is somewhat sour. »

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