Giffoni Film Festival – GFF 2012
42ème année. Thème : « Happiness » (La Felicità)


Festival DATES: From Saturday July 14 to Tuesday July 24.
DATE Festival: Da sabato 14 luglio a martedì 24 luglio.

Theme 2012 edition: « Happiness »
When you choose a theme there are two main paths you can go by: you can either follow the suggestions that sping out from the current world and try to interpret them in your own way or follow your own personal path of concepts that are like knots in an uninterrupted dialogue.

This year the GIFFONI EXPERIENCE has chosen a third path that is to remodel the direction the wind blows in such difficult times and continue to follow its very own path by observing the crucial topics of our existence as individuals: Energy, Emotion, Discovery, Taboo, Love, Link just to name a few.

It is now time for HAPPINESS. A somewhat challenging choice. The undefined shape of a concept that seems hard to catch, ever changing, and gets lost in the dawn of human thought.

It is a fruitful, rich and full of incentives theme (the original Greek word for Happiness means all of the afore mentioned words), a theme linked to lightness which inevitably clashes with the heaviness – almost unbearable – of this historical momen where the word Crisis suffucates every breath of beauty and even the most positive nature.

GIFFONI EXPERIENCE shouts for happiness. And strongly believes in it. It does not intend to cast down its weapons of light before the dark proceeding of the shadow line and therefore suggests to all its children, youth and families a « colourful » considerationon of the many nuances of happiness.


spot Giffoni2012 from Giffoni Film Festival on Vimeo.

The Giffoni Film Festival (GFF) was born in 1971 from a Claudio Gubitosi idea: i.e. promoting and developing cinema for young people elevating it from the marginal position it had back in those days, and leading it where it belongs, e.g. a high quality genre capable of « penetrating » the market.

Over the years Two things have turned out to be essential and are still the unreplaceable pillars of the Giffoni Film festival Concept

A giury exclusively made up of young people
Setting the festival in the original small provincial town of Giffoni Valle Piana

Over the years the number of jurors has by far out grown 3000 and they come from over 50 different countries embracing all the world’s continents.

The age of jurors ranges from 6 to 18 and they are placed into four official competitive sections according to their age group. Ttwo further sections have been added for children aged 3-5 (Elements+3) and for over 18s (Generator +18). The jurors view, assess, discuss about and vote for films in the sections.

« Of all festivals Giffoni’s the most necessary ». This is the final statement of a letter that François Truffaut left after coming to Giffoni in 1982.

The Maestro gave way to a number of « visits » that turned, what had started as a little Film festival, into a huge world’s event of infinite proportions: Robert De Niro,Oliver Stone, Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons, John Travolta, Wim Wenders, Ben Kingsley, Kathy Bates, Krzystof Kieslowsky, Roman Polansky, Danny De Vito, Meg Ryan, Naomi Watts are amongst the great film stars we have hosted in Giffoni in the past 39 years. The complete list includes all the most important Italian authors and actors of the last four decades.

Sensitivity in film selection is one of the main pillars to characterize the GFF and is only the final act of an assessment and analysis process of the world of cinema for young people. We have films made by great affirmed directors or by new talented ones, internationally relevant film productions. Important themes and issues are always discussed after the films. Find more about selection criteria.

A film viewed in Giffoni has a trademark that certifies for its quality and appropriateness regarding an audience made up principally of teenagers and families. Find more about selection criteria.

In the past 15 years Giffoni Experience has not only established itself as a festival recognized for its quality but especially as a « Cultural Company » a company that produces culture and employs full time tens of young people organizing events throughout the year.

Giffoni Experience is not only a festival. 250 days of activity all year round.e.g. over 350.000 students have come to Giffoni in 15 years for the Movie Days project.

Since 2001 Giffoni has also created a festival network in the world- Giffoni World Alliance -indeed by using the Giffoni format it is capable of spreading on a planetary scale quality films for young people.


Artistic director & GFF creator
Claudio Gubitosi
[email protected]

Deputy Director Office
Manlio Castagna – 089 8023256 – [email protected]
Antonia Grimaldi – 089 8023209 – [email protected]

Head of Artistic Department
Giovanni Brancaccio – 089 8023211 – [email protected]

International Relations
Tony Guarino – 089 8023212 [email protected]

Juries Office
Natascia De rosa – 089 8023208 [email protected]

Press Office
Luca Tesauro – 089 8023239 – cell 348 7271608 – fax 089 8023403 [email protected]

Productions Office
Gianvincenzo Nastasi – 0898023251 – [email protected]

Administrative Office
089 8023202-06 [email protected]

Movie Days Secretary
Luigi Notarfrancesco – 089 8023237 – fax 089 8023245 – [email protected]

President’s secretary Office
Rosa Di Maio – 089 8023 213 [email protected]

Cinema Truffaut
Massimo Tedesco – 089 8023246 [email protected]

Guest Office
089 8023236 – fax 089 8023245 [email protected]

Exhibitions – Stage Shows
Lea Mancino – 0898023257 [email protected]

Aura Association
Alfonsina Novellino – 089 8023234


By air:
The closest airport to Giffoni is SALERNO-COSTA D’AMALFI which is just 15km away. The airport is currently connected to Milano Malpensa and Roma Fiumicino. For all destinations and times please go to Aeroporto di Salerno.

The NAPOLI CAPODICHINO International Airport is 80km circa away from Giffoni. For all destinations please go to GESAC

By train:
Giffoni Valle Piana is 20 km away from Salerno railway station. For further details Please go to www.ferroviedellostato.it.

By bus:
Please go to www.sitabus.it/wps/portal/OrariCampania for further info regards buses departing from Salerno (Via Vinciprova) to Giffoni V.P.

By car:
From North: Highway Roma-Caserta (A30) or Napoli-Salerno (A3), direction Salerno-Reggio Calabria exit Pontecagnano. Follow indications to Giffoni Valle Piana (12 Km).
From South: Highway Salerno-Reggio Calabria, exit Battipaglia (continue towards Bellizzi, Montecorvino Rovella, Giffoni Valle Piana, 20 Km) or Pontecagnano (follow indications to Giffoni Valle Piana, 12 Km

Giffoni Film Festival
Via Aldo Moro, 4
84095 Giffoni Valle Piana (SA), Italy
ftel: 089 80 23 001
mail: [email protected]
fax: 089 8023 210


Il Giffoni Film Festival (GFF) nasce nel 1971 da un’idea di Claudio Gubitosi: promuovere e far conoscere il cinema per ragazzi, elevandolo dalla posizione marginale che occupava al tempo, ai ranghi più consoni di un « genere » di grande qualità e capacità di penetrazione del mercato.

Più semplicemente il giovane Gubitosi cerca di stimolare un ambiente povero di iniziative culturali e fare qualcosa di diverso per il suo territorio.

Nel corso del tempo il numero dei giurati è cresciuto fino a raggiungere quota 3000 e il ventaglio dei Paesi di provenienza si è attestato su quota 50, abbracciando tutti i continenti del Mondo.

I ragazzi della giuria sono di età compresa tra i 3 e 18 anni, divisi per fascia d’età in 6 sezioni di concorso ufficiale, a cui va aggiunta una sezione speciale dedicate alle lezioni di cinema Masterclass.

Frase finale di una lettera che François Truffaut lascia come importante eredità in seguito alla sua visita nel 1982 a Giffoni. Il grande regista francese è l’ospite internazionale che inaugura una storia di « visite » che trasformeranno quello che è cominciato come una piccola rassegna in un evento di proprozioni mondiali.

Robert De Niro, Oliver Stone, Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons, John Travolta, Wim Wenders, Meg Ryan, Kathy Bates, Krzystof Kieslowsky, Roman Polanski, Danny de Vito, Naomi Watts, Christina Ricci, Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Samuel L. Jackson tra i tanti ospiti internazionali arrivati al GFF nel corso di questi 40 anni di attività. La lista completa comprende praticamente tutti gli autori e gli attori più importanti del cinema italiano di queste ultime 4 decadi.

Dal 2001 GFF ha creato una rete di festival nel Mondo – Giffoni World Alliance– che usando il format delnostro festival è capace di diffondere a livello planetario film per ragazzi di grande qualità.
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