Festival International du Film de Rotterdam 2017 (IFFR)
46ème édition


46th International Film Festival Rotterdam
25 January – 5 February 2017

Short Film 2017
As a central part of the festival, IFFR Short Film is a unique showcase of artists’ moving image and experimental film for works under 60 minutes. Shown on a variety of formats from 3D to 35mm film, it is a celebration of film and video in all their forms.

The line-up of all selected short films for IFFR 2017

Tiger Competition for Short Films
Established in 2005, the Tiger Competition for Short Films presents cinema under 60 minutes in all its forms: fiction, documentary, essay film, animation and more. Brand new films from all around the world are presented to enthusiastic audiences and a jury of three international film professionals.

Tiger competition for Short Films 1
On Generation and Corruption by Makino Takashi, Japan, 26′, WP
Rubber Coated Steel by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Lebanon/UK, 22′, WP
Sakhisona by Prantik Basu, India, 26′, WP

Tiger Competition for Short Films 2
El cuento de Antonia by Jorge Cadena, Colombia/Switzerland, 30′, IP
Deletion by Esther Urlus, Netherlands, 11′, WP
Into All That Is Here by Laure Prouvost, UK, 9′
Super Taboo by Su Hui-yu, Taiwan, 19′, WP (see also the Su Hui-yu: The Midnight Hours tribute programme)

Tiger Competition for Short Films 3
Last Days of Leningrad by Maria Zennström, Sweden/Russia, 28′
From Source to Poem by Rosa Barba, Germany, 12′, WP
No Shooting Stars by Basim Magdy, Egypt/Switzerland, 14′, WP
Cloacinae by Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, Netherlands/China, 25′, WP

Tiger Competition for Short Films 4
The Lost Object by Sebastian Diaz Morales, Netherlands, 13′, WP
Lunar Dial by Gao Yuan, China, 15′
Meridian Plain by Laura Kraning, USA, 18′, IP
Holy God by Vladlena Sandu, Russia, 25′, IP

Tiger Competition for Short Films 5
Nyo vweta Nafta by Ico Costa, Portugal/Mozambique, 20′, WP
Joanne by Simon Fujiwara, UK, 14′, IP
As Without So Within by Manuela de Laborde, USA/UK/Mexico, 24′
Information Skies by Metahaven, South Korea/Netherlands, 24′, WP

Tiger Competition for Short Films 6
Fajr by Lois Patiño, Spain/Morocco, 12′, WP
What the Heart Wants by Cécile B. Evans, Germany/UK/Belgium/Australia, 41′, WP
Fuddy Duddy by Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Austria, 5′, IP
August by Omer Fast, Germany, 16′, WP

Bright Future Short
Bright Future’s Shorts programme focuses on experimental driven films.
Bad Mama, Who Cares by Brigid McCaffrey, USA, 12′, IP
Welcome to David Wojnarowicz Week by Steve Reinke, USA, 14′
Ayhan and Me by belit sağ, Netherlands, 14′
DAT LIKWID LAND by Jacob Dwyer, Netherlands/USA, 29′, WP
AAA (Mein Herz) by Katarina Zdjelar, Netherlands, 5′, WP

Behind the Facade
The Happiest Barrack by Noémi Varga, Hungary/UK, 16′
Foyer by Ismaïl Bahri, France/Tunisia, 32′
Disseminate and Hold by Rosa Barba, Brazil/Germany, 21′
Explosion Ma Baby by Pauline Curnier Jardin, Netherlands/Italy/France, 9′, WP

Languages, Gestures, Movements
The Seaweed in Your Hair by Daphné Hérétakis, France/Greece, 8′, IP
Das Gestell by Philip Widmann, Germany/Japan, 30′, WP
Eaves Apart by Sebastian Buerkner, UK, 5′, IP
The Sailor by Giovanni Giaretta, Netherlands, 9′, WP
See a Dog, Hear a Dog by Jesse McLean, USA, 18′, IP (

Mythical Ifs
Kairos by Stefano Canapa & Elisa Ribes, France, 11′
Cilaos by Camilo Restrepo, France 13′
Ciudad Maya by Andrés Padilla Domene, France/Mexico, 24′
What Happens to the Mountain by Christin Turner, USA, 12′, WP
If It Was by Laure Prouvost, UK/Germany, 9′, WP

Living Archive
Flight Paths by Robert Todd, USA, 12′, IP
The I Mine by Emilio Moreno, Spain/Netherlands, 27′, WP
025 Sunset Red by Laida Lertxundi, Spain/USA, 14′, EP
Children of Lir by Katherin McInnis, USA, 6′, EP
The Colour of His Hair by Sam Ashby, UK, 21′, WP

Obstructed Landscape
Atlante 1783 by Maria Giovanna Cicciari, Italy, 25′, IP
Latency Contemplation 2 by Cho Seoungho, USA/South Korea, 8′, WP
Only the Beloved Keep Our Secrets by Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Palestine, 10′
The Watchmen by Fern Silva, USA, 10′, WP
The Remnant by Judith Westerveld, South Africa/Netherlands, 19′, WP

(In)definite Views
Eye Farm by Beny Wagner, Netherlands, 20′, IP
The Hollow Coin by Frank Heath, USA, 12′, IP
DOA (Dead on Arrival) by Manuel Saiz, Spain, 17′, WP
Indefinite Pitch by James N. Kienitz Wilkins, USA, 23′

Cardinal Directions
The Sea Is History by Louis Henderson, UK, 28′
Toutes directions by Billy Roisz & Dieter Kovacic, Austria, 13′, WP
Há terra! by Ana Vaz, Brazil/France, 13′
Blue Sky from Pain by Stéphanos Mangriotis & Hyacinthe Pavlides, France/Greece, 15′, IP

Forces of Nature
Kaltes Tal by Florian Fischer & Johannes Krell, Germany, 12′
Where Shapes Come From by Semiconductor, UK, 11′, WP
The Flavor Genome by Anicka Yi, USA/Brazil, 22′
Delete Beach by Phil Collins, Germany/Norway, 6′, IP
Bridge over Troubled Water by Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jari Kallio & Antti Jussila, Finland, 28′

Signs of Life

Um campo de aviação by Joana Pimenta, Portugal/Brazil/USA, 14′
Whipping Zombie by Yuri Ancarani, Italy, 27′, WP
Pattern Language by Peter Burr, USA, 10′, WP
Waypoint, Follow, Orbit, Focus, Track, Pan by eteam, Croatia/USA, 14′, WP
On the Origin of Fear by Bayu Prihantoro Filemon, Indonesia, 12′

Panta Rhei

Film is beautiful, film is wonderful, but – above all – film is tangible. Filmmakers go travelling with their cameras incorporating saturated colours, flicker effects, dust and other imperfections into their visual language.

Everything Turns… by Aaron Zeghers, Canada, 12′, EP
The Captured Light of an Instant by Lichun Tseng, Netherlands, 21′, WP
Luna e Santur by Joshua Gen Solondz, USA, 11′
350 MYA by Terra Jean Long, Canada/Morocco, 5′
The Last Train by Dianna Barrie, Australia, 13′
Highview by Simon Liu, USA/Hong Kong/UK, 20′, IP

Voices Short Film
The Brother by Léa Triboulet, USA/France, 9′, IP
Setembro by Leonor Noivo, Portugal, 33′
Three Steps by Ioseb Bliadze, Germany/Georgia, 19′, WP
Babes’ Not Alone by Lee Yi-shan, Taiwan, 26′, IP

Short Stories: Mental Picture
El sueño de Ana by José Luis Torres Leiva, Chile, 7′, WP
Ceata by Adrian Voicu, Romania, 27′, WP
Constelações by Maurílio Martins, Brazil, 25′, IP
Que vive l’Empereur by Aude Léa Rapin, France, 25′

Short Stories: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Transition by Milica Tomovic, Serbia, 21′
Written/Unwritten by Adrian Silisteanu, Romania, 20′
Non castus by Andrea Castillo, Chile, 22′
Retrett by Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, Norway, 30′, IP

Short Stories: Personal Distance
Long bueno by Abílio Dias, Brazil, 30′, WP
The House or a Machine for Living In by Catarina Romano, Portugal, 12′, IP
Antes de irme by Mariana Sanguinetti, Argentina, 10′, WP
Das by Jelmer Wristers, Netherlands, 40′, WP

Deep Focus Short
An Epilogue by Keith Sanborn, UK/France/USA, 4′, WP
What Is an Apparatus? by Sean Lynch, Ireland/Canada/USA, 29′, EP
Little Doorways to Paths Not Yet Taken by Aura Satz, UK, 7′
The World by Mika Taanila, Finland, 8′, WP
The Great Silence by Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, Puerto Rico, 16′, IP

Regained: Homeless Movies
Gil by Eva Giolo, Belgium, 5′
Gemini by Meggy Rustamova, Belgium, 4′
Nora (Gentbrugge, 2000), Laurice & Nora (Gentbrugge, 2010), Nora (Gentbrugge, 2016) by Mekhitar Garabedian, Belgium, 4′
Pic-Nic by Lisa Spilliaert, Belgium, 4′
Reference by Katrin Kamrau, Belgium, 5′
A House Is Not a Home by Jasper Rigole, Belgium, 4′

Regained: 1917 – Europe’s Optical Illusion
Ein Neuer Apparat zur Verhütung von Kinobranden, Germany, 4′
Journaal, France, 5′
Mädi macht Krieg, Oskar Einstein, Germany, 9′
Accelerando, Georg Wasner, Austria, 40′, IP
De Europeesche oorlog, France, 15′
London – British Fact and German Fiction, UK, 7
Extraction de mineral de fer dans l’Oural, France, 5′

Regained: Family of Man
Answer Print, Mónica Savirón, USA, 5′
Conseil d’Etat, Fanny Zaman, Belgium, 8′
Sergei/Sir Gay, Mark Rappaport, France/USA, 36′, IP
What Happened to Her, Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, USA, 15′
Ghost Children, João Vieira Torres, Brazil/France, 16′, EP

Regained: where were we
Burning Mountains That Spew Flame by Samuel M. Delgado & Helena Girón, Spain, 14′, EP
Colossal Cave by Graeme Arnfield, UK, 11′
A Place I’ve Never Been by Adrian Flury, Switzerland, 5′
Remote by Eva Giolo, Belgium, 24′, IP
The Stability of the System by Sasha Litvintseva & Isabel Mallet, UK, 17′, IP
Tempo of Tomorrow Revisited by Josh Gibson & Annie Gibson, USA/Cuba, 14′, EP

Regained: Imai Norio: Time Severed, Jointed and Stretched
En (Circle) by Imai Norio, Japan, 0′
Floor by Imai Norio, Japan, 3′
Jointed Film by Imai Norio, Japan, 20′
On Air by Imai Norio, Japan, 21′
Pizza Time by Imai Norio, Japan, 10′
Time in Square by Imai Norio, Japan, 9′

Joost Rekveld: The Motors of Invention
#2 by Joost Rekveld, 12′
VRFLM by Joost Rekveld, 2′
#3 by Joost Rekveld, 4′
#7 by Joost Rekveld, 32′
#5 by Joost Rekveld, 6′
#11 Marey <--> Moiré by Joost Rekveld, 21′

Joost Rekveld: Light Matters
#23.2, Book of Mirrors by Joost Rekveld, 12′
#37 by Joost Rekveld, 31′
#43.6 by Joost Rekveld, 11′
#67 by Joost Rekveld, 8′, WP

Su Hui-yu: The Midnight Hours
Midnight is when artist Su Hui-yu is most awake. Walking through the haze of Taiwan’s history, he finds naked bodies telling stories of oppressed sexual thoughts. Most titles in this compilation programme will be shown for the first time in a film festival. Su Hui-yu is also selected in the Tiger Competition for Short Films with Super Taboo
Stilnox Home Video: The Midnight Hours by Su Hui-yu, Taiwan, 21′, WP
Man Carrying Shame by Su Hui-yu, Taiwan, 5′, WP
Thou Shalt Not Self-pollute (Dr. Kinsey) by Su Hui-yu, Taiwan, 13′, WP
The Upcoming Show by Su Hui-yu, Taiwan, 17′
Nue Quan by Su Hui-yu, Taiwan, 9′,
A Man After Midnight by Su Hui-yu, Taiwan, 5′,

Perspectives Short
Black Rebels: Afro Future
Historical overviews are often painful for people of colour. Looking to the future keeps hope alive, but the present always has roots in the past.
Afronauts by Frances Bodomo, USA, 14′,
Remigration by Barry Jenkins, USA, 19′
The Golden Chain by Ezra Claytan Daniels & Adebukola Bodunrin, USA, 14′
They Charge for the Sun by Terence Nance, USA, 16′, IP

Black Rebels: Freestyle
Experimental space for idiosyncratic artists who make their own rules. They also depict how rules can be broken using their own, unique imagery.
Kindah by Ephraim Asili, USA/Jamaica, 12′, IP
KBELA by Yasmin Thayná, Brazil, 22′, EP
Lineage for a Multiple-Monitor Workstation: Number One by Sondra Perry, USA, 26′, EP
Improvement Association by Kevin Jerome Everson, USA, 12′, WP
Identification by Mike Hoolboom, Canada/USA, 29′, WP

Black Rebels: Let Love Rule
A loving manifesto aimed at turning every nation, community and individual into a State of Love. Stop fighting and let love rule in all its shapes and guises!
Reluctantly Queer, Akosua Adoma Owusu, Ghana/USA, 8′
My Josephine, Barry Jenkins, USA, 9′
Chlorophyl, Barry Jenkins, USA, 17′
Tall Enough, Barry Jenkins, USA, 7′
Bayard & Me, Matt Wolf, USA, 16′
195 Lewis, Chanelle Aponte Pearson, USA 45′, IP

Black Rebels: Twilight City
Shrouded in dusk, a meditative glimpse of London in the Thatcher era. A fictional letter and reflections by British cultural critics and activists clarify the complex fabric of the city. This documentary by the co-founder of the Black Audio Film Collective is introduced by June Givanni, former head of the African Caribbean Unit of the British Film Institute.
Baldwin’s Nigger by Horace Ové, UK, 48′
Twilight City, Reece Auguiste, UK, 60′

Picture Palestine: Minutes, Myth and Treason
Mythologies of resistance meet sci-fi dystopias and the realities of occupation and war.
A Boy, a Wall and a Donkey by Hany Abu-Assad, Palestine, 5′
In the Future They Ate from the Finest Porcelain by Larissa Sansour & Søren LindPalestine, UK/Denmark/Qatar, 29′
One Minute by Dina Naser, Jordan/Belgium, 10′
The Pessoptimist by Mirna Bamieh, Palestine, 13′
Flower Seller by Ihab Jadallah, France/Palestine/UK, 15′

Picture Palestine: Ruptured Chronologies
A filmic political timeline that intersects with the tumultuous developments from the First Intifada and the Oslo Accords to the uncertain present and a speculative future.
Introduction to the End of an Argument, Elia Suleiman, Palestine, 42′
20 Handshakes for Peace, Mahdi Fleifel, Germany/Palestine, 3′
Like Twenty Impossibles, Annemarie Jacir, Palestine, 17′
And Yet My Mask Is Powerful, Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Palestine, 8′

Dinamo screening
IFFR invited 16 independent distributors of video art and experimental film from the DINAMO network to each submit a film title on the theme’borderless’.

Troublemaker on the Frequency
Amora by Ezra Wube, USA, 2′
Film Display by Seo Shunzo, Japan, 5′
home by Pieter Geenen, Belgium, 12′, IP
Rhizomatic Directed Simulation by Alexandra Gelis, Canada, 6′, EP
Grid Corrections by Gerco de Ruijter & Michel Banabila, Netherlands, 1′, WP
Chicxulub – Tierra Extraterrestre by Helene Garberg, Mexico/Denmark, 6′
Liquid Solid by Nicky Assmann & Joris Strijbos, Netherlands, 7′
Chacarita by Guillermina Buzio, Canada/Argentina, 3′, IP
Troublemaker on the Frequency by Clark Nikolai, Canada, 5′, IP
The Edges of Dagenham by Peter Wareing, UK, 9′, WP
De hand by Frank Bruinsma, Netherlands, 3′
Xénogénèse by Morishita Akihiko, Japan, 7′
Reply; Repeat Repeated; Delete; Favorite; Favorited by Ouchi Rieko, Japan, 6′, EP
Fire by Lucy Parker, UK, 6′, IP
Waste No. 2 Wreck by Jan Ijäs, Finland, 10′
Schwerelos by Jannis Lenz, Austria, 9′

IFFR invited 16 independent distributors of video art and experimental film from the DINAMO network to each submit a film title on the theme’black & white’.
all-around junior male by Lindsay McIntyre, Canada, 8′, EP
Ulrich Gregor and Heidi Kim at the W Hong Kong Hotel by Friedl vom Gröller, Austria, 3′
The Invader and the Origin of the World by Nicolas Provost, Belgium, 4′
Abu Ammar Is Coming by Naeem Mohaiemen, UK/Lebanon/Bangladesh, 6′
Touch of Inga by Okuyama Jun’ichi, Japan, 11′
The Mourning of the Sea by Miguel Peres dos Santos, Netherlands, 8′, IP
Keep on Turning by Karin Wiertz & Jacques Verbeek, Netherlands, 3′
Black and White Film by Robert Huot, USA, 9′
Untitled, 1925 by Madi Piller, Canada, 9′
Remedies – Rongoã by Sasha Huber & Petri Saarikko, Finland, 6′,
Just by Joon Soo Ha, South Korea/USA, 6′
The Radio Wave Beneath the Dirt Ice and Flowers by Sandy Ding, China, 10′
Rodney King by LPC – Erik Pauser & Johan Söderberg, Sweden, 4′
Jillian Dressing by Joanna Paul, New Zealand, 3′, IP
Die Pferde des Rittmeisters by Clemens von Wedemeyer, Germany, 10′
Last Light Breaking by Leslie Supnet, Canada, 9′

A number of supporting films that have their global or international premieres at IFFR 2017 collected in a single programme.

Greetings from Aleppo
El becerro pintado by David Pantaleón, Spain, 10′, WP
Three Wavelengths by Mikko Keskiivari, Netherlands 9′, WP
Couplets for an Everlasting Eve by Begoña Vicario, Spain, 5′, IP
Greetings from Aleppo by Issa Touma, Floor van der Meulen & Thomas Vroege, Syria/Netherlands, 16′, WP
Ain’t Got No Fear by Mikhail Karikis, UK, 10′, EP
Commodity City by Jessica Kingdon, USA, 10′, EP
Welcome Home Allen by Andrew Kavanagh, Australia, 11′, IP
Rhinoceros by Sebastian Buerkner, UK, 3′, IP
Extrapolate by Johan Rijpma, Japan/Netherlands, 2′
Fish Story by Charlie Lyne, UK, 13′, EP

Other preludes
El Becerro Pintado
Birds (beta) by Fukada Koji, Japan, 7′, IP
The Donkey, Chinlin Hsieh, France, 21′, WP
Glove by Bernardo Britto, USA, 5′
Hierro by Eva Claus, Belgium/Spain, 17′
How Green Was the Calabash Garden by Truong Minh Quy, Vietnam, 15′, IP
Lethe by Dea Kulumbegashvili, Georgia/France, 15′

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