Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2012
Imbabazi : Le Pardon [Joel Karekezi, LM]
Joël Karekezi
Titre anglais : Imbabazi: The Pardon
Pays concerné : Rwanda
Réalisateur(s) : Joël Karekezi
Avec : Okuyo Joel Atiku « Prynce », Véronique N. Doumbé, Véronique N. Doumbé, Rehema Nanfuka, Joël Karekezi, Joël Karekezi, Wilson Egessa, Casey Schroen, Casey Schroen
Durée : 73
Genre : drame
Type : fiction
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Quand Manzi, qui a participé à perpétrer le génocide au Rwanda, est libéré après une peine de prison de 15 ans, son ancien meilleur ami, Karemera est révolté. Karemera veut la justice pour les crimes que Manzi a commis contre sa famille.

Réal : Joel Karekezi, Rwanda

Rwanda, 2012, Fiction, 1h13 min

1er Long métrage (faisant suite au court métrage IMBABAZI, 2009, Fiction, 13mins)

Wilson Egessa (Karemera), Prince Okuyo Joel (Manzi), Brenda Ibarah (Dusabe), Rahema Nanfuka (Alice), Wawuyo Michael (Kalisa)

THE PARDON Trailer from JOEL KAREKEZI on Vimeo.

Production déléguée : Karekezi Film Production (Kigali) & Ndolo Films (New York)

Réalisé par Joel Karekezi
Scénario par Joel Karekezi & Casey Schroen
Produit par Joel Karekezi, Casey Schroen et Véronique Doumbé

Directeur de la Photographie : Jack Elliot
Monteuse : Véronique Doumbé
Compositeur : Ioannis Kurtis
Directrice de Casting : Magdalena Chmielewska
Ingénieur du Son : Matt Perry Thomas
Co-Productrice : Miriam Odaka (Ouganda)
Co-Productrice : Musarait Kashmir (Ouganda)



When Manzi, a reformed Rwandan genocide perpetrator, is released from a 15-year prison sentence, his ex-best friend Karemera is incensed. Karemera wants justice for the crimes Manzi committed against his family.

In 1994 the fastest genocide in the history of the humankind took place in a small East African nation of Rwanda: almost one million Tutsis were killed. THE PARDON tells a story of two once best friends, MANZI and KAREMERA, who become divided along the political and tribal lines by the conflict. After joining the extremist Hutu militia MANZI kills KAREMERA’s family. Fifteen years later, among the countrywide efforts for reconciliation, KAREMERA finds himself unable to forgive MANZI for his crimes and tries to find evidence which could implicate MANZI in the planning of the Tutsi genocide. Is true reconciliation possible? What price are we willing to pay for peace? This is a story about overcoming loss and the long windy road to forgiveness.

A film by Joel KAREKEZI,

2011, Rwanda, Feature, Drama, 1hr13min

First feature film

Prod: Karekezi Film Production & Ndolo Films

Wilson Egessa as Karemera,
Prince Okuyo Joel as Manzi,
Brenda Ibarah as Dusabe,
Rahema Nanfuka as Alice,
Wawuyo Michael as Kalisa

Directed by Joel Karekezi
Written by Joel Karekezi & Casey Schroen
Produced by Joel Karekezi, Casey Schroen and Veronique Doumbe


As a Rwandan film director, I wanted to tell the story of the aftermath of the 1994 Tutsi Genocide. IMBABAZI: THE PARDON is very different from other films about the genocide. The story is told through the eyes of Rwandans and Africans and focuses on the search for resolution and forgiveness, which I hope will bring the audience a greater understanding of our history. I chose to tell this story by focusing on the characters rather than historical events. The central relationship of the film – the friendship and tragic separation of Karemera and Manzi – tells the larger story of the Tutsi Genocide. I am a genocide survivor myself, which is why I wanted to explore not only Rwanda’s past but also Rwanda’s future. The tone of the film is hopeful, looking towards reconciliation and a brighter future for the next generation of Rwandans. I drew on my own personal experiences as a Rwandan and a genocide survivor to help the actors identify with their characters. I wanted to bring this story to the screen in a natural way so that the focus would be centered on the characters and their journey. I worked with my sound team to recreate the auditory environment of Rwanda on film. I also wanted to use Rwandan musical elements in the soundtrack. As an African and Rwandan director, I am proud to have helped bring this story to a wider audience. I was honored to work together with my team through pre-production, production & post-production to bring this story to life. I hope that audiences will embrace the message of hope and forgiveness that is at the heart of IMBABAZI: THE PARDON.

Writer / Director: Joel Karekezi
Story by Joel Karekezi & Casey Schroen
Producer: Joel Karekezi
Producer: Casey Schroen
Producer: Véronique Doumbé
Director of Photography: Jack Elliot
Editor: Véronique Doumbé
Composer: Ioannis Kurtis
Casting: Magdalena Chmielewska
Sound Designer: Matt Perry Thomas
Co-Producer: Miriam Odaka
Co-Producer: Musarait Kashmir