Seattle International Film Festival – SIFF 2013
39ème édition (Film Program: « African Pictures »).


SIFF is the largest and most highly attended film festival in the United States, with more than 250 feature/documentary films and 150 short films presented to an audience of over 155,000 annually. One of the top festivals in North America, SIFF has been cited as one of the best « audience festivals » in the world. Seattle’s love for film (Seattleites see more movies per capita than any other city in the nation) makes the city the most appropriate setting for new films to be seen, tested, and celebrated by everyone – film fan and filmmaker alike. The Festival has evolved into a highly anticipated event and is looked upon as a leader in Seattle’s ever-growing vibrant arts and film community. In 2011, we opened the SIFF Film Center and re-opened the historic Uptown theatres, further cementing our year-round presence. While bringing the best in national and international film and talent to Seattle, SIFF has also remained dedicated to fostering and showcasing the creative genius of those working and creating locally. SIFF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

November 2, 2012 Early submission deadline
December 7, 2012 Regular submission deadline
January 7, 2013 Final submission deadline
March 1, 2013 FutureWave submission deadline
April 29, 2013 Final notification of acceptance
May 3, 2013 Film prints due
May 16-June 9, 2013 Festival dates

SIFF 2013 Call for Entries

SIFF is seeking features, documentaries, short films, and animation for the 39th annual festival. SIFF is the largest and most highly attended film festival in the United States, with more than 250 feature/documentary films and 150 short films presented to an audience of over 155,000 annually. One of the top festivals in North America, SIFF has been cited as one of the best « audience festivals » in the world.

Submission Deadlines

November 2, 2012: Early submission deadline
December 7, 2012: Regular submission deadline
January 7 2013: Final submission deadline
March 1, 2013: FutureWave submission deadline

All film submissions must be shipped prepaid and packed in proper containers to arrive at the SIFF offices by the posted deadlines.
Note: Deadlines are date RECEIVED, not postmarked. Late entries will not be accepted.
All films must be submitted on DVD (NTSC preferred, PAL accepted). Do not put multiple works on the same DVD.
Please be aware that in all categories, World, North American and US Premieres are preferred. However, a Washington State Premiere is required; films must not have previously screened in Washington State.

Film Program: African Pictures

African Pictures showcases the best filmmaking happening in and about Africa today. This three-year program, made possible through the generous support of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, will bring shorts and features, documentaries and fiction films to American audiences who might never have the chance to see them otherwise. This is a not-to-be missed opportunity to experience innovative and inspiring filmmaking from across the continent.

African Pictures

The African Cypher

South Africa | 2012 | 89 minutes | Bryan Little
A survey of the extraordinary street dance styles across South Africa, director Bryan Little’s award-winning documentary drills deeper into the philosophy of the dancer’s self-expression and, especially, the souls of two extraordinary young performers. Ages 13+

After the Battle
Egypt/France | 2012 | 122 minutes | Yousry Nasrallah
Based on the true story of the horsemen hired by President Mubarak to charge the crowds in Tahrir Square, this vibrant drama captures the personal and political implications of the revolution across Egyptian society.

Coming Forth by Day
Egypt | 2012 | 96 minutes | Hala Lotfy
An exciting new female auteur from the Arab world, Hala Lotfy makes her debut with Coming Forth by Day. The daily struggles of a mother and daughter are a far cry from the riots of Tahrir Square, but offer equally compelling insight into Egyptian society today.

Comrade President
Zimbabwe | 2012 | 89 minutes | Mosco Kamwendo
The life and suspicious death of Mozambique’s revolutionary leader, Samora Moises Machel, is explored in this documentary, providing insight into the Mozambican fight for independence and subsequent political changes.

Dialemi (Elle s’amuse)
Gabon | 2013 | 20 minutes | Nadine Otsobogo
In a house by the sea, a man finds himself unable to find inspiration for his art, until a mysterious woman arrives.

Die Welt
Netherlands | 2012 | 80 minutes | Alex Pitstra
A stunning fiction/documentary hybrid set in the vacuum between dictatorship and democracy. While Tunisians dreams of a better Tunisia, 23-year-old DVD salesman Abdallah dreams of a better life in Europe.

Fanie Fourie’s Lobola
South Africa | 2013 | 90 minutes | Henk Pretorius
African Pictures Party | Party at Northwest African American Museum follows the screening – Jun 7
After Fanie takes Dinky, a strong Zulu woman, to his Afrikaans family wedding, the two find an unexpectedly fun cross-cultural romance. But in order to marry Dinky, Fanie must negotiate to pay Lobola (a South African dowry).

Finding Hillywood
USA | 2013 | 57 minutes | Chris Towey, Leah Warshawski
Hillywood, the Rwandan film industry, is given the spotlight in this affectionate portrait featuring the filmmaking community, the blossoming film festival culture, and the joy of the people as they experience Rwandan cinema on the big screen.

The Forgotten Kingdom
USA | 2013 | 96 minutes | Andrew Mudge
When Atang returns to Lesotho to bury his father, he falls in love with his childhood friend Dineo and reconnects with the mystic landscape and hardships of village life he left behind.

A Hijacking
Denmark | 2012 | 99 minutes | Tobias Lindholm
Tensions are high after a Danish freighter is captured and held for ransom by Somali pirates, leading to weeks of high-stakes negotiations-and an escalating potential for explosive violence-in Tobias Lindholm’s grittily authentic thriller.

Horses of God
Morocco | 2012 | 115 minutes | Nabil Ayouch
An intimate portrait of three young boys growing up on the outskirts of Casablanca. Critically acclaimed at Cannes, this film is a major achievement by one of North Africa’s most important filmmakers.

The Kampala Story
Uganda | 2012 | 62 minutes | Donald Mugisha, Kasper Bisgaard
Apio, a 14-year-old Karamojong girl, and her mother run their household on money wired from her father who works in the capital of Uganda. When the money transfers stop, Apio must travel alone to the big city in search of her father. North American Premiere

Last Flight to Abuja
Nigeria | 2012 | 78 minutes | Obi Emelonye
An ill-fated flight provides the setting for this suspenseful multi-character pot-boiler filled with romance, blackmail, and murder in Obi Emelonye’s Nollywood box-office smash.

Mother of George
USA | 2013 | 106 minutes | Andrew Dosunmu
This vibrant feature follows the lives of Nigerian-American newlyweds, Adenike and Ayodele, as they navigate their new lives in New York City. Nigerian tradition and pressure to conceive a child give way to new cosmopolitan temptations as Adenike discovers life outside of being a housewife.

Nishan (Medal of Honor)
Ethiopia | 2013 | 105 minutes | Yidnekachew Shumete Desalegn
Nishan is a young businesswoman who dreams of leaving Ethiopia to seek her fortune abroad. When her father mortgages the house to support her emigration, an unsigned document creates a disastrous domino effect in Desalegn’s thrilling debut.

The Pardon
Rwanda | 2013 | 73 minutes | Joel Karekezi
Bridging narrative simplicity and emotional depth, first-time Rwandan filmmaker Joel Karekezi showcases friends who are on opposing sides of the Rwandan genocide. Years later, they must navigate their horrific past toward an emotional future.

The Repentant
Algeria | 2012 | 87 minutes | Merzak Allouache
Nearly a decade into the country’s civil war, a young Algerian jihadist takes advantage of a national amnesty to leave the mountains and rejoin civil society. But the past is not so easily set aside. A beautifully made, deeply felt drama from a veteran director.

Sand Fishers
Mali | 2012 | 72 minutes | Samouté Andrey Diarra
Having lost their jobs due to climate change and overfishing, a group of fishermen have been dubbed Sand Fishers, and now harvest wet compact sand and gravel from the bottom of waterways for use by the construction industry.

Spud 2: The Madness Continues
South Africa | 2013 | 90 minutes | Donovan Marsh
Spud is still marching slowly toward puberty as a sophomore at a South African boarding school. While he’s no longer the youngest in school, that’s not going to save him from the challenges of growing up. John Cleese returns in this spectacular sequel. Ages 13+

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