Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 1975
Lettre paysanne (Kaddu beykat)
Titre original : Peasant Letter
Pays concerné : Sénégal
Durée : 98 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : fiction


Dans un petit village d’agriculteurs-éleveurs au Sénégal habitent Ngor et Coumba. Il y a maintenant deux ans que Ngor désire épouser Coumba. Et cette année encore, la récolte est mauvaise… Les pluies sont insuffisantes, irrégulières. Or l’arachide, culture coloniale, la seule commercialisable, ne se récolte qu’une fois par an.

Réalisatrice : Safi Faye

Sénégal, FICTION ■ 1975, 1h38 min., NB.

avec Assane Faye et Maguette Guèye

Images : Patrick Fabry
Chef Monteuse : Andrée Davanture
Assistante Monteuse : Marie-Christine Rougerie
Productrice : Safi Faye

2014 | IDFA, Amsterdam
* Sélection : The Female Gaze
* Projection / Screening: Tuschinski 6 / Sat 22-11 / 12:45
* Projection / Screening: Tuschinski 6 / Sun 23-11 / 17:30


Letter From My Village (Kaddu Beykat)
This Senegalese docufiction film explores the shy romance between Ngor and Coumba, set against the background of a tough rural life. Filmmaker Safi Faye loosely frames her feature film as an audiovisual letter about the village where she was born. The persistent drought means that earnings for millet and groundnut farmers in the village are in decline. Neither Ngor nor his family can afford to pay the dowry for Coumba, so he decides to try his luck in Dakar. Faye used local villagers as actors and provides the occasional comment himself. There are tragicomic scenes under the tree in the heart of the village, where the menfolk gather to discuss the dire situation. The high-flown French in the newspaper read aloud by the teacher has little relevance to their daily life. « For me, politics means I eat only one meal a day for six months of the year. » Faye also takes time for the daily routines of village life: children at play, and women at work on the arid land, cooking on a wood fire and sifting the millet. The subtle storyline meanders through it all – as does the indirect criticism of an agricultural policy that promotes monoculture, ultimately harvesting only poverty

Direction: Safi Faye

Sénégal, 1975, Fiction, 1hr38 mins, black and white, 16mm

With Assane Faye and Maguette Gueye

Cinematography: Patrick Fabry
Editor: Andrée Davanture
Assistant Editor: Marie-Christine Rougerie

Production: Safi Faye
Country of Production: Senegal
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