Rwanda Film Festival 2013
9è édition. « Nos mères, nos héros ». Pays phare : Allemagne


Rwanda Film Festival, also known as « Hillywood, » has established itself not only as the country’s most important cultural event, but is fast becoming one of Africa’s most prestigious film festival. For 7 days, film lovers, filmmakers, industry professionals and the media will experience the best in local and international cinema from established masters and new talent.

Our principal objective is to promote and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of the art of cinema in Rwanda. Our mandate is to present the most outstanding films produced in every part of the world. Films are selected on the basis of quality and originality. The Festival also promotes contacts between industry professionals to assist in the development of the Rwandan motion picture industry.

Find the festival’s programme on [http://rwandafilmfestival.net]

Is our world misogynist? Is our perception of women preventing them from making an impact on society? What does it mean to be a female leader? Often relegated to play lesser roles in society, separated by class, access to education, gender roles and sexuality, women have been victimized, stereotyped and marginalized in the real world, as well as in the world of cinema. However, women have always played a critical role in changing societies and it is time for them to be recognized.

The role of women in our society has been mainly defined and established by men, and cinema is no exception. Though women have appeared in cinema for decades, taking on a variety of forms, from brilliantly layered characters to stereotypical victims, women were not the ones creating their images. Until now, men have told their stories from their own perspective.

Rwanda Film Festival’s 2013 theme, « Our Mothers, Our Heroes » serves as a unique platform to feature recent cinematographic creations, directed, written, or produced by women and creations that deal directly with the issue of women’s roles in society. Films of all styles, including documentaries, fiction, animation, experimental both shorts and feature length will engage the audience in the deconstruction of clichés and stereotypes surrounding the role of women within our society. This year’s selection will provide a multiplicity of representations of women: resistant, resilient, emancipated and committed to writing their own pages of the history books.
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