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LONG Métrage | 2015
3000 nuits (3000 Nights)
Titre original : 3000 Layla (٠٠٠٣ ليلة)
Pays concerné : Territoire palestinien
Support : DCP
Durée : 103 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : fiction


Iman, une jeune institutruice palestinienne récemment mariée est arrêtée et incarcérée dans une prison israëlienne de haute sécurité où elle donne naissance à un garçon.

Un film de Mai Masri,

Palestine / ​​France / ​​Jordanie /​​ Liban /Emirats Arabes ​​Unis /​​Qatar, 2015, Fiction | 1h43 minutes, Drame, Arabe et hébreu sous-titrés

avec Maisa Abd Elhadi, Nadera Omran, Raida Adon, Karim Saleh, Abir Haddad, Rakeen Saad

1er LM fiction

Réalisatrice / Scénariste : Maï Masri

2015 | 40ème Festival de Toronto | 10-20 Sept 2015, Canada

* Sélection – Contemporary World Cinema

* Première Mondiale


3000 Nights
Iman, a young newly-wed Palestinian schoolteacher, is arrested and incarcerated in a top-security Israeli prison where she gives birth to a baby boy. As she struggles to survive and raise her child behind bars, she is torn between her instinct as a mother and the difficult decisions she must make. Through her relationship with the other prisoners – both Palestinian and Israeli – she finds the time and space to reflect, develop and mature as a young woman.

Directed by Mai Masri

Palestine/​​France/​​Jordan/​​Lebanon/​​United Arab Emirates/​​Qatar, 2015, Fiction | 103 minutes, Drama

starring Maisa Abd Elhadi, Nadera Omran, Raida Adon, Karim Saleh, Abir Haddad, Rakeen Saad

First fiction film

Written and directed by Mai Masri, Palestine,

Executive Producers: Sabine Sidawi (Orjouane Productions, Beirut), Mai Masri (Nour Productions, Beirut), Charlotte Uzu (Les Films d’Ici, Paris)
Producers: Sabine Sidawi (Lebanon), Mai Masri (Palestine), Charlotte Uzu (Lebanon)

Foreign Title: 3000 Layla
Director: Mai Masri
Countries of Production: Palestine/​France/​Jordan/​Lebanon/​United Arab Emirates/​Qatar
Year of presentation: 2015
Language(s): Arabic, Hebrew
Runtime: 103 minutes
Rating: 14A
Production Company: Orjouane Productions / ​Nour Productions / ​Les Films d’Ici 2
Executive Producers: Sabine Sidawi, Mai Masri, Charlotte Uzu
Producers: Sabine Sidawi, Mai Masri, Charlotte Uzu
Screenplay: Mai Masri
Cinematographer: Gilles Porte
Editor: Michele Tyan
Production Designer: Hussein Baydoun
Sound: Chadi Roukoz, Raja Dubayah
Music: Sharif Sehnaoui

Maisa Abd Elhadi
Nadira Omran
Rakeen Saad
Raeda Adon
Abeer Hadad
Anaheed Fayyad
Haifa Agha
Khitam Edelbi
Hana Chamoun
Izabel Ramadan
Laura Hawwa
Ahmad Al-Omari
Karim Saleh
Yussef Abu-Warda
Eman Hayel
George Khleifi
Hussein Nakhleh
Zaid Qada’

Primary Publicist: Indie PR
International Sales Agent: Intramovies



2015 | London Film Festival, UK
* Official selection
* Screening: October 15

2015 | 40th Festival de Toronto | 10-20 Sept 2015, Canada
* Selection – Contemporary World Cinema
* Première Mondiale / World Premiere
* Screening: Sat Sep 12, 9:45 PM, Scotiabank Theatre Scotiabank 10, SUBTITLED
* Screening: Mon Sep 14, 9:45 PM, Scotiabank Theatre Scotiabank 10, SUBTITLED
* Screening: Sat Sep 19, 3:00 PM, Scotiabank Theatre Scotiabank 9, SUBTITLED

2011 | 21st Oslo Films from the South Film Festival – 1st edition ofThe Sørfond Forum 2011, OSLO, Norway
* Pitching forum 2011
Director: Mai Masri (attending)

2011 | Abu Dhabi Film Commission – Fifth edition of The Shasha Grant, september 2011
One of six Finalists for the 2011 Shasha Grant (0,000 screenwriting competition whose winner is chosen by industry professionals from around the world).
The Shasha Grant is an initiative by Abu Dhabi Film Commission that aims to support the development of Abu Dhabi as a regional production hub and to help Arab filmmakers tell their stories through film.

2011 | 2nd Interchange programme, May 2011
selected by TorinoFilmLab, Dubai International Film Festival and EAVE, realized with the aim of building cooperation between film professionals from Europe and the Arab World.
Script consultants: Naji Abu Nowar (Jordan), Nadia Eliewat (Jordan) and Malak Quota (Saudi Arabia).

2010 | Carthage Film Festival, Tunis, November 2010.
Won a Grant Award for Best script
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