Ismaïlia International Festival for Documentary & Short Films 2012
15ème édition


Ismailia International Film Festival for documentary and short films takes place every year in Ismailia (Egypt) to promote an intercultural dialogue for a deeper understanding of others by presenting their creative works to the audience.

Known in Egypt as « The City of Beauty and Enchantment » Ismailia is situated on the west bank of the Suez Canal. It was founded in 1863, during the construction of the Suez Canal, by Khedive Ismail the Magnificent, after whom the city is named. The head office of the Suez Canal Authority is located in Ismaïlia at the shore of Lake Timsah. It still has a large number of buildings dating from British and French involvement with the Canal. Most of these buildings are still used by Canal employees and officials.

Official Competitions

Long documentary
duration / Country Director Title S.N
75:00 Germany Emine Emel Balci I Love You 1
87:00 France & Qatar Namir Abdel Messeeh The Virgin, the Copts and Me 2
78:00 Croatia Miroslav Sikavica The Cloud 3
78:00 Italy & Germany Gostaf Hofer & Luca Ragazzi Italy, Love it or Leave It 4
62:00 Iraq Taha Krimi I am a White Mercenary 5
89:06 South Korea Seung Jun Yi Planet of Snail 6
92:00 Egypt& Germany Viola Shafeek My Name is not Ali 7
70:00 Lebanon Rami Nihawi Yamo 8

Short documentary
duration Country Director Title S.N
24:55 Poland Marta Minorowicz Decrescendo 1
16:00 Ireland Morgan Bushe Remember Me,My Ghost 2
19:54 Turkey Nagihan Caker The Great Lovers 3
53:00 Egypt Sherief Albendary On the Rood to Downtown 4
47:00 CUBA & SERBIA Goran Radovanovic With Fidel Whatever Happens 5
29:28 Egypt & Palestine Abdallah Alkhol A Ticket from Azrael 6
53:00 Egypt Ali Algazoby Martyr and Square 7
10:51 Egypt May Alhosamy Liberto Suspendue 8
21:46 Brazil Renata Penhero &Sergio Olivera Walt Disney Square 9
51:20 Belgium Chustophe Hermons A skin’s Stranger 10
18:40 Tunisia Akram Mansour The Lake’s Lady 11
51;00 Turkey Mehmet Ozgur Candan The past is not in the past 12
59:00 Croatia Silvester Kolbas The War Reporter 13
33:00 Belorussia Vector Asliok Earth 14
16:00 Jordan Said Najimi Faces 15

Short Film
duration Country Director Title S.N
23:52 Turkey Nadim Guc Four Walls 1
4:00 Ireland Claire Dix Downpour 2
20:00 Croatia Petar Oreskovic Get a Move on 3
22:00 Egypt Aayda Al Kashef A Tin Tale 4
14:00 Lebanon Nagham Aboud Behind the Window 5
18:38 Romania Raluca David Gobbel 6
15:00 Algeria Mounia Meddour Edwige 7
45:00 Egypt Ahmed Basyony &Omar Khaled &Shady Gorge &Nagy Esmae’l Knocking the Door 8
20:00 Macedonia Jani Bojadzi The End of the World 9
16:00 France Hoda Kebrage Nour Ya Nour 10
19:00 Austria Christophe Kuschnig Hatch 11
18:00 Bahrain Ammar Elkohagy Silence 12
17:00 Morocco Hassan Dahani & 13
20:30 Syria Eva Daoud Memories of Love 14
13:43 Macedonia Stefah Cidobkd Face 15
15:00 France &Algeria Farid Beuhoumi Burners 16
23 Tunisia Anwar Al-Ahwar The Masseur 17
11:00 Iran Maryam Fathi & Hanifa Nejad Marble 18
13:00 Iran Mohamed Nasiri Class (B) 19
6:00 Iran Nooh Amani Rotation Time 20
9:00 Spain Daniel piera & Beatriz Escolar The drop 21

duration Country Director Title S.N
8:59 Romania Bogdan Mihailiscu Grand Café 1
5:22 Ireland Michael Lee The Birth of Rock 2
8:00 Ireland Kealan O’Rourke The Boy in the Bubble 3
6:08 Croatia Alen Zanjko The Tide 4
5:30 Croatia Ljupce Dokic Man Drawing 5
3:12 Croatia Diko Kumanovic Lure 6
9:26 Croatia Irena Jukic Pranjic The Ornament of the Soul 7
3:30 Egypt Mahitab Khaled Circus 8
8:16 Belgium Manu Gomez Arthur & Vincent 9
9:50 Egypt Ashraf Mahdy Hamlet 10
13:03 Estonia Rao Heidmets Coming of Oracle 11
13:00 Estonia Hardi Volmer Domestic Fitless – Olme heidutus 12

Special Sections

الثورة في عيون الاخر
duration Country Director Title S.N
33:00 U.K Lory Philips Toppling A Tyrant: Egyptian Style 1
74:00 Norway- Greece Petr Lom Back to the Square 2
92:00 France Stefano Safona Tahrir, liberation square 3
100:00 Germany Alexander Berief -Yohanez Roscam
Tracks of Cairo (part.1) 4
94:00 Germany Alexander Berief -Yohanez Roscam Tracks of Cairo (part. 2)
71:00 Denmark Omar Alsharqawy -Karim Alhakim ½ Revolution 6

المراة في الثورة
duration Country Director Title S.N
6:00 Egypt Sandrin Somoael Field Hospital 1
20:00 Egypt Heba El-Hoseny The Battle of the Camel 2
65:00 Egypt Hanan Abd Alllah The Shadow of a Man 3
47:00 Egypt Neveen Shalby The Street is for Us 4

المهرجان الضيف
duration Country Director Title S.N
20:00 South Korea Ga Eun Yoon Guest 1
7:00 Ireland Tony Donoghue A Film From my Parish – 6 Farms 2
13:00 France Olivier Trainer L’accordeur 3
10:00 Italy Blu Big Bang Big Boom 4
15:00 France Angele Chiodo La Sole, entre l’eau et le sable 5
15:00 Italy Yuri Ancarani IL Capo 6
22:00 France Hugo Chesnard La France qui se leve tot 7
18:00 France Jacques Toulemonde Vidal Un Juego de Ninos 8
16:00 France Arnaud Des Palliers Diane Wellington 9
4 :00 France Collectif Nuisible (s) 10
15:00 Germany-Switzerland Anthony Vouardoux Yurin Lennon’s Landing on Alpha 46 – 11
16:00 Slovakia Lvana Laucikova Polesdny Autobus 12
10:00 France Duncan & KirrAn Bruce Pyskessa 13
25:00 Norway Hallvar Witzo Tuba Atlantic 14

افلام نظرة الي الماضي
duration Country Director Title S.N
9 mins Egypt Mohamed Khan Watermelon 1
21 mins Egypt Daoud Abdel Said Commandment Of A Wise Man For Village Affairs And Education 2
12 mins Egypt Nabeeha Lotfy A Prayer inspired by Ancient Egypt 3
13 mins Egypt Ashraf Fahmy A New Life 4
10 mins Egypt Hashem El Naha’as The Livelihood Of The Nile 5
10 mins Egypt Atef El Taieb A Bargain 6
20 mins Egypt Abd Elmonem Othman Al-Amaar Village 7
22 mins Egypt Salah Abou Seif Number 6 8
23 mins Egypt Khairy Bshara A Village Doctor 9
28 mins Egypt Ali Badrakhan Abbas, the Inventor 10

فضاء المبدعين
Duration Country Director Title S.N
72:00 Germany -Iraq Akram Hidou Halabja – The Lost Children 1
87 U.A.E Nujoom Alghanem Amal 2
105:00 France Emmanuel Demorris Mafrouza(part 3) 3
100:00 France Emmanuel Demorris Mafrouza(part 5)
30:00 Germany Susan Gordanshekan Ice Flowers 4
9:00 Oman & Kuwait Jassim Alnofaly Panda 5
26:00 Italy &England Davide Mourandini&Fabio Lucchini Bulaq 6
5:00 U.A.E. Haytham Saqr Beep 7
29:00 Palestine Sawsan Gaoud Composing History 8
52:00 Spain David Munoz Another Night on Earth 9
26:00 Poland Grzegorz Jarozuk Frozen Stories 10

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2012 Awards
Long Documentary(1)00, (2)00
Short Documentary(1)00, (2)00
Short Film(1)00, (2)00
Animation Film(1)00, (2)00


Hans-Christian Mahnke
President of the International Jury
Born 1978, German-American national Hans-Christian Mahnke is the founder and director of the Namibian section of AfricAvenir Windhoek.
Mahnke served as vice-chairperson on the Filmmakers Association of Namibia (FAN) from 2010-2011. In this capacity, he organized a Namibian film festival in 2010 in order to showcase and celebrate Namibian film products. The festival became a success and will be repeated in November 2012.

Necati Sonmez
Necati Sonmez is the writer, director, editor and producer of several internationally acclaimed Turkish documentaries. He is the founder of Zeze Films along with Emel Celibi. He started out as a film critic, journalist and photographer.

Marcia Camargos
Journalist and PHD in History, has 22 books published and is at the moment writing a new one about Egypt. Specialist on Middle East culture, writes for many Brazilian newspapers and sends daily reports from Cairo to a local TV station (Jornal da Cultura). She is one of the curators of Cinema: Middle East, a film festival focused on the independent production coming out of this part of the world, and which takes place in São Paulo since 2008.

Ibrahim El-Batout
Ibrahim El-Batout, who was born on the 20th of September, 1963 in Portsaid, is a graduate of the American University in Cairo in 1985, majoring in Physics. In 2010, El Batout has completed his third feature film Hawi (The juggler), premiered in the Netherlands at the Rotterdam International Film Festival January/February 2011.

Mahmoud al Massad
Mahmoud al Massad was born in 1969 in Zarqa, Jordan. When he was 18 years old, he moved to Europe where he worked in the film industry in Romania, Italy and Germany, making 12 short films. Al Massad is currently working on a new project, « This is My Picture When I was Dead », supported by the Sundance Documentary Institute.

Festival President
Magdy Ahmed Ali
: Film Director, and President of National Centre for Cinema.

Festival Director
Amir Emary :
Film critic, writer, researcher and lecturer.

Official partner AfricAvenir attending.

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