Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 1988
Camp de Thiaroye
Ousmane Sembène, Thierno Faty Sow
Pays concerné : Sénégal
Réalisateur(s) : Ousmane Sembène, Thierno Faty Sow
Avec : Ismaël Lô, Ismaël Lô, Sidiki Bakaba, Moussa Touré, Kahena Attia, Ismaila Cissé, Gabriel Zahon, Smaïl Lakhdar-Hamina, Thierno Ndiaye Doss, Gustave Sorgho, Jean-Daniel Simon
Durée : 148
Genre : guerre
Type : fiction


Un épisode sanglant peu glorieux de l’histoire. Au Sénégal en 1944, un bataillon de tirailleurs arrive au camp de transit de Thiaroye. Ils y attendent leur démobilisation et leur pécule. Après s’être battus pour la France, ces anciens combattants n’acceptent plus d’être traités avec inégalité. Les tirailleurs sénégalais se mutinent. L’officier cède mais envoie ses chars contre le camp. L’histoire relèvera vingt-cinq morts et de nombreux blessés.


In 1944, the French army massacred several units of West African conscripts recently returned from the battlefields of Europe. Sembène, who had been drafted into the French army that same year, knew of this event and in 1998 used it as the basis for his sixth feature film. What was essentially a demand by African veterans that they be paid the same wages as their French counterparts led to an attack on soldiers who had only recently been fighting the Nazis in Italy and Germany. In 1944, the French colonial authorities viewed returning African veterans as second class citizens and because the colonial administration was financially bankrupt, found it convenient to refuse their demands. The resulting mutiny by the veterans of Camp Thiaroye led to a full scale artillery attack on the camp.

Directed by Ousmane Sembene and Thierno Faty Sow
Senegal 1987, 35mm, color, 152 min.
With Ibrahima Sané, Sijiri Bakaba
Wolof and French, with English subtitles