Luxor African Film Festival – LAFF 2020
9ème édition


Le Festival de Louxor du Film Africain est organisé par la fondation « Les Jeunes Artistes Indépendants », organisation civile à but non-lucratif. Le festival est soutenu par le ministère de la Culture, Ministère du Tourisme et le Ministère des Affaires Etrangères en collaboration avec le Gouvernorat de Louxor.

Le Festival de Louxor du Film Africain est un événement annuel qui a lieu dans la ville de Louxor, en République Arabe d’Égypte.

Le festival présente des longs et courts-métrages tournés ou produits dans des pays africains, par des réalisateurs africains, traitant des sujets africains, et réalisés au cours de l’année précédente.

Le festival organise quatre compétitions: longs-métrages de fiction, longs-métrages documentaires; courts-métrages (fiction et documentaire), et la compétition internationale pour films dans la catégorie Libertés et outre les sections spéciales.

Chaque compétition a son propre jury composé de membres de différentes nationalités.



Luxor African Film Festival is organized by Independent Shabab Foundation, which is a civil and nonprofit organization cooperates with the culture developed fund & other entities. The festival is organized under the auspices of significant Egyptian Ministries and other organizations.

Luxor African Film Festival is an annual event organized in the city of Luxor in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Luxor African Film Festival will screen long and short films produced in African countries, made by African filmmakers, concerned by African subjects.

Luxor African Film Festival consists of 4 competitions: Long Narratives, Long Documentaries, Short Films (Narratives and Documentaries) and The International Competition of Freedom Films as well as other special sections.

Festival’s opening film screened is out of competition.

Each competition has its own international jury consisting of 5 members.

Festival Président : Sayed FOUAD
Festival Director : Azza El Hosseiny

Palmarès 2020 / Awards – 9th Edition LAFF 2020

Long Narrative – Best Film:
Atlantics (Atlantique) / by Mati Diop – Senegal
Jury Motivation: « For the strength, the rigor and the singularity of treatment of an important and topical subject for the African continent. »

Long Narrative – Jury award:
Fataria / by Walid Tayaa – Tunisia
Jury Motivation: « For the freshness, the degree of derision, the finesse of the actors’ performances to describe the daily life and the contradictions of a fringe of contemporary Tunisian society. »

Long Narrative – Best Artistic Achievement:
Desrances / by Apolline Traoré – Burkina Faso – Cote d’Ivoire
Jury Motivation: « For its tragic portrayal of a quest for roots in the middle of political events and a war that tore the Ivoirian society. »

Long Narrative – Special Mention:
The White Line / by Desirée Kahikopo – Namibia
« For its sensibility in treating the subject of the apartheid in a credible and simple manner that documents this period in that region, with a convincing performance by the actors. »

Long Narrative – « Radwan El Kashef » Award
Wonder Box / by Emad Elbahat – Egypt
Award presented by Independent Shabab Foundation which organizes the Luxor African Film Festival

Long Narrative – FIPRESCI Prize
Nafi’s Father (Baamum Nafi / Le Père de Nafi) / by Mamadou Dia – Senegal.
The international critics prize (FIPRESCI Prize) Goes to  » Nafi’s Father « 

– – – – –

Long Documentary – Best Long Documentary
Time is on Our Side – On a le temps pour nous – الوقت في صالحنا / by Katy Lena N’Diaye – Senegal
Jury Motivation: « For the audacity of the subject, the metaphorical understanding of the political and the artistic. For the narration that sounds like rap flow. By its ability to make us understand the situation of a particular country »

Long Documentary – Jury prize
Mother, I’m Suffocating, This is My Last Film About You
Jury Motivation: « For its radical choice and point of view to deal with the continent, going beyond boundary of narrative in documentary »

Long Documentary – Best Artistic Contribution
Mother, I’m Suffocating, This is My Last Film About You
Jury Motivation: « And for the beauty of his cinematography and his ambition for a cinematic language besides his subversive approach of documentary »

– – – – –

Short Films – Grand Nile Prize for the best film (Golden King Tut Award)
For its minsalian language, and the mix of different types of arts with great skill and poetic prowess that gave the space a soul, the jury decided to give the golden award the film « Bablinga » by the director Fabian Dao – Burkina Faso

Short Films – Jury prize for a short film (silver King Tut Mask)
For its uniqueness in dramatic narrative, and its ability to deliver a humanitarian look on the complex political situation that forces children to carry weapons, the jury decided bro award the silver jury award to the film « Rasta » to the director Samir Ben Cheikh – Ivory Coast / Algeria

Short Films – Best Artistic Achievement award in a short film (Bronze King Tut Mask)
For its courage in storytelling, its personal visual expression, and the creative use of of sound, the jury decided to award the bronze award to the film « Ghost of Spacetime » by director Karim Tajouat – Morocco

Short Films – Special Mention
For the acting performance, the jury decided to give a special mention to the film « Habib » directed by Shady Fouad – Egypt

– – – – –

– Nile Grand Prize for Best Film (Golden Mask of Tutankhamun)

Train of Salt and Sugar (O Comboio de Sal e Açúcar | Le Convoi de sel et de sucre) / by Licinio Azivedo – Mozambique – South Africa – Portugal
Jury Motivation: « For the evocative cinematography and stunning juxtaposition of life and death in this moving portrayal of human resilience in war-torn »

– Jury Prize (Silver Mask of Tutankhamun)

Papicha / by Mounia Meddour – Algeria – France

Diaspora – Best Artistic Achievement Prize (Certificate of Merit and The Bronze Mask of Tutankhamun)
Our Lady of the Nile (Notre-Dame du Nil) / by Atiq Rahimi – Rwanda – France


Long-Métrages / Features:
Gaston Kabob
Maïmouna N’Diaye
Saâd Chraïbi
Steve Ayorinde
Mostafa Shaban

Long Documentaires​ / Features Documentaries:
Amjad Abu Alala
Essam Zakaria
Mokhtar Ladjimi
Peter Wangugi Gitau
Thierno Ibrahima Dia

Courts-Métrages​ / Short Fictions:
Ahmed Fawzi Saleh
Asmae El Moudir
Mark Lotfy
David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga
Salem Dendou

Diaspora / Diaspora:
Anjali Prabhu
Peter Rorvik
Sawsan Darwaza
Saad Elkersh
Pedro Pimenta

Lotfi Ben Khelifa
Eva af Geijerstam
Mohamed Tarek

LAFF is organized by Independent Shabab Foundation, and under the support of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Governorate of Luxor and the Syndicate of Cinematic Professions.
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